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Sales & Marketing

Evolve your CRM from customer management to customer engagement.

Aurea CRM is a comprehensive and simple CRM solution to manage every interaction with your customers throughout their journey. Offering both web-based and mobile capabilities, Aurea CRM lets you create a 360-degree view of every customer. Learn more

  • Increase adoption with simple and comprehensive capabilities
  • Inspire best sales behavior with comprehensive sales and pipeline insights
  • Enhance salesforce productivity with mobile and tablet tools
Comparable Tosalesforce.com · SugarCRM · Zoho CRM
Sales & Marketing

Simple, on-premise email marketing to deliver the right message at the right time.

Aurea List Manager (ALM) delivers simple, comprehensive on-premises email and digital marketing capabilities. ALM lets you easily segment, target and measure digital communication across every channel. Learn more

  • Segment and personalize for behavior, context, and preference
  • Manage mailing lists, contacts, and segments
  • Optimize with A/B testing, heat maps, and detailed insights
  • Web analytics integration
Comparable ToMarketo · Pardot · SilverPop
Sales & Marketing

Email marketing in the cloud to deliver the right message at the right time.

Aurea Campaign Manager (ACM) delivers mature, field-tested digital marketing capabilities. Delivered in the cloud, ACM lets you easily segment, target, and measure the effectiveness of your digital communication across every channel. Learn more

  • Cloud-based for flexibility and scalability
  • Segment and personalize for customer behavior, context, and preference
  • Preview messages across clients and mobile devices
  • Boost campaign ROI with A/B testing, and by optimizing email inbox placement
Comparable ToMarketo · Pardot · SilverPop · Hubspot
Sales & Marketing

Optimize your producer commission calculation and payment process.

Aurea Distribution Channel Management simplifies producer commission modeling, calculation, and processing across the insurance industry and provides comprehensive producer manager functions. Learn more

  • Create and deploy new compensation models faster
  • Maintain producers and ensure producer compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Easy application integration through robust APIs
Sales & Marketing

Understand your customers and engage them intelligently through powerful analytics.

FirstRain delivers just-in-time analytics that increase customer engagement and grow revenue. Get deep customer insights and market trends delivered directly to your employees — accessible via the web, mobile apps, and powerful APIs and CRM integrations. Learn more

  • Create new opportunities with powerful insights into your customers and markets
  • Get prompted on how and when to engage with your customers, to close more deals
  • Stay on top of your competitors with real-time updates around key developments

* This product is available as part of our ESW Capital family of businesses.

Comparable ToSixsense · Enlyft · InsideView
Sales & Marketing

Actionable intelligence to win more customers.

Infer uses machine learning to optimize and expand your sales and marketing funnel. Powered by proven data science, it helps you rapidly identify your most promising prospects, build hyper-targeted segments, and increase conversion rates on inbound and outbound campaigns. Learn more

  • Use proven data science to rapidly identify your most promising prospects
  • Get higher quality MQLs at an improved ROI by more accurately segmenting and targeting your prospects
  • Automatically predict who is in-market and ready to buy, helping reps close bigger deals faster.

* This product is available as part of our ESW Capital family of businesses.

Comparable ToMarketo · salesforce.com · SalesWings · 6Sense
Sales & Marketing

Empower your marketers with a feature-rich, IT-friendly content management system.

Evoq Content is an industry-leading .NET content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for business users to publish and measure content. With Evoq, marketers get features like streamlined page creation, in-context analytics, and sophisticated visitor engagement tools, while IT can trust proven security, performance, and extensibility.

  • Publish content quickly and easily
  • Optimize your site with in-context analytics
  • Boost visitor engagement with gamification and more
Comparable ToHubSpot CMS · WordPress · Pantheon · Joomla! · Drupal · Squarespace
Sales & Marketing

Immediate media insights for more informed decision making.

Synoptos is a media intelligence solution providing news and social insights to help you understand what’s transpiring in the media, identify pathways to influence key stakeholders, and improve operational decision making.

  • Executive news briefs
  • Social media briefs
  • Brand monitoring
  • Breaking news alerts and special reports
Comparable ToTVEyes · Mention · Meltwater · SEMRush · Cision Communications Cloud
Sales & Marketing

Achieve complexity without compromise with SalesBUILDER product and solution configuration.

SalesBUILDER provides unprecedented configuration software to give build-to-order and engineer-to-order businesses a competitive edge, setting the standard for product configuration and pricing solutions.

  • Quick, efficient configuration
  • Optimized sales processes
  • Accurate, consistent operations
  • Complexity made simple
Comparable ToSalesforce CPQ · KBMax · Powertrak · eRep CPQ · Verenia CPQ

The gateway to your people and knowledge.

Jive delivers the best in interactive intranet capabilities, letting you accelerate business processes and collaboration across the organization. Jive can optimize company communications, enable human resources portals, and drive sales enablement while increasing employee connection. Learn more

  • Accelerate key business processes and deliver critical news and insights
  • Tap into the full power of Jive Interactive Intranet anywhere from any mobile device
  • Bridge IT infrastructure and break down silos for collaboration across systems
Comparable ToIgloo · Communifire · Interact · Mango · Simpplr · SharePoint · Facebook · Workplace · Unily

A digital workplace to drive engagement and collaboration.

Enrich your SharePoint and Office 365 investment with an engaging intranet experience driving greater collaboration and productivity. Learn more

  • Communicate and engage your workforce
  • Empower collaboration
  • Quickly and efficiently locate experts and content
  • Connect with coworkers via an employee directory
  • Personalize for a unique look and feel
Comparable ToIgloo · Mango · Simpplr · Unily

Work remotely, side by side.

Sococo is the online workplace where distributed teams come to work together each day, side-by-side, no matter where team members might be. Down the hall, across campus, or halfway around the world – working in your organization’s online office is even more productive than being on the same floor or in the same room. Learn more

  • Overcome barriers of physical distance
  • Hire the best people for your team, from any location
  • Enable innovation and increase engagement
  • Collaborate spontaneously to make decisions fast
  • Boost productivity and work more efficiently
Comparable ToPragil · Zoom · Jostle · BaseCamp

Create and manage transaction portals, with a highly personalized user experience and agile content management.

With Aurea Portal Management, companies can seamlessly tie cloud-based collaboration with key business processes, providing robust, secure and efficient communication with their employees, business partners and customers. Organizations can work socially, unlocking true business potential by engaging and connecting with key stakeholders anytime, and on any device.

  • A Flexible and Secure Interface
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Keep customers and partners engaged
Comparable ToWordPress · Shopify

The building blocks for multi-channel business process automation.

Aurea Process provides the business process management building blocks you need to support complex application environments, enabling you to model and measure multi-channel customer journeys. Learn more

  • Design, model, and deploy for every channel
  • Focus on human-centric system workflows
  • Drive continuous improvement with optimized process performance
Comparable ToAppian · Signavio · PegaSystems

Find and fix system issues with real-time monitoring.

Aurea Monitor delivers the system monitoring, root-cause analysis, and issue identification tools you need to run your business in real-time. Learn more

  • Automate discovery of new systems in your infrastructure
  • Simplified root-cause analysis and correction
  • Streamlined policy management and updates
Comparable ToAppDynamics · Dynatrace

Plug-and-play ESB system integration for complex architectures.

Aurea Messenger lets your technology keep pace with your business through an industry-leading Enterprise Service Bus that lets you adapt quickly. Learn more

  • Let systems adapt flexibly at the pace of your business
  • Continuous availability and dynamic routing optimize resources
  • Enterprise-class messaging and service-oriented architecture middleware
Comparable ToBoomi · MuleSoft · Microsoft BizTalk · WebMethods · Tibco BusinessWorks
IT & Compliance

Advance the science of compliance.

Aurea Compliance Manager delivers a suite of clinical, regulatory, SOP & training, and quality management solutions to help you bring life-enhancing therapies to market faster, safer, and more efficiently. Learn more

Delivers a suite of modules on top of the Aurea Compliance Platform, including:

  • Regulatory Solutions
  • Electronic Trial Master File
  • Trial Exchange
  • SOP & Training
  • Quality Management Solutions
Comparable ToCerner · ConvergePoint · Veeva
IT & Compliance

Seamless management of submission documentation, with minimal IT demands.

Regulatory Document Management (RDM) delivers Life Sciences industry expertise alongside best-of-breed document management. Designed to help you avoid the high cost of ownership of custom solutions, RDM starts with our industry-proven configuration, while also providing simple tools to tailor every process to your business. Learn more

  • Simplify adherence to industry best practices
  • Centralize Regulatory Document Management
  • Automate submission-ready documents
Comparable ToVeeva
IT & Compliance

Deploy, manage, and track clinical trial documents everywhere you need.

Easily deploy, manage, and track critical trial documents and global submissions with Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) and Trial Exchange solutions from Aurea Compliance Manager. Gain major productivity and compliance improvements to clinical trial document management processes, everywhere you need it. Learn more

  • Secure, anytime, anywhere access for clinical trial site staff
  • Complaints and audit management for complete confidence
  • Real-time access and compliance with eTMF
Comparable ToVeeva · NextDocs
IT & Compliance

Real-time tracking of critical quality processes for maximum transparency.

Success depends on bringing life-enhancing therapies to market faster, safer, and more efficiently. Every day, every document, and every dollar matters. Aurea Quality Management Solutions (QMS) let you avoid costly quality issues, while increasing speed and efficiency through document compliance. Learn more

  • SOP & Training compliance without complexity
  • Deviations, non-conformance, and CAPA oversight
  • Complaints and audit management for complete confidence
Comparable ToPilgrim · IQvia
IT & Compliance

Mission-critical enterprise notification.

Mission-critical communications for emergencies and unplanned disruptions. AlertFind from Aurea Messaging Solutions enables mass two-way notifications to employees and customers via email, landline, mobile phone, and text message. Learn more

  • Complete two-way communication
  • Simple, intuitive alerts
  • Sophisticated geographic notifications
  • Rapid, high-performance connection
Comparable ToAlertMedia · Everbridge · AlarmPoint
IT & Compliance

Aligning portfolio and project management.

Artemis 7 (A7) from Aurea Planning Solutions is the only end-to-end enterprise system offering real-time portfolio and resource management reporting to empower decision making and collaboration – with panoramic views into portfolio management, financial, and resource management, and program and project governance. Learn more

  • Centralize critical enterprise data
  • Optimize resources and workflows
  • Connect budgets to performance and goals
Comparable ToPlanview · Broadcom · ChangePoint
IT & Compliance

Offering all the benefits of an integrated cost and schedule.

Effectively and efficiently manage project and earned value management requirements from a single product suite with Artemis Views. The gathering of project, cost, and scope—together in one single interface—provides total cost visibility within the project schedule, reducing cost impact iterations, data anomalies, and time needed to integrate multiple data sources. Learn more

  • Integrated Earned Value Management (EVM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • End-to-end change management
  • Real-time business intelligence, reports, dashboards, and interactive analytics
Comparable ToPlanview · Broadcom · ChangePoint
IT & Compliance

Create and publish complex documents in virtually any language and any format.

Assemble publications from a variety of text, graphic and database sources, including Microsoft Word, AutoCad, Microsoft Excel, and Oracle.

  • Flexible & Adaptive
  • Multi-language Support
  • Robust Publishing Capabilities
IT & Compliance

Build meaningful customer relationships with a modern help desk.

Kayako is a cloud-based help desk that comes with powerful out-of-the-box functionality. With Kayako, customer service teams can easily manage requests and conversations over any channel, including live chat, email, Facebook, and Twitter, to support their customers, boost loyalty, and deliver a differentiated experience.

  • Shared inbox for customer conversations
  • Customer self-help knowledge base
  • Built for modern businesses
  • Proven across industries
Comparable ToZendesk · Freshdesk · Intercom · Desk · HelpScout · HappyFox · Groove · ClickDesk

Streamline retail ERP from product management to supply chain.

Aurea Collaborative Enterprise (ACE) streamlines retail product and supply chain management with the best in ERP. ACE lets you share information between departments in real-time, accelerate processes, and improve global visibility. Learn more

  • Integrated PIM system for product and supplier management
  • Purchasing portal to streamline product purchasing process
  • Supply chain management, forecasting, and optimization
  • Financial management
Comparable ToBrightPearl · Netsuite · SysPro

Revenue and customer lifecycle management for the retail energy industry.

Retail energy providers need enterprise capabilities to seamlessly manage customers across the entire revenue lifecycle. Aurea Energy Solutions Revenue Lifecycle Management lets energy retailers offload the complexity and cost of retail billing, driving maximum revenue, and growth through a fully managed, scalable platform. Learn more

  • Revenue lifecycle management at enterprise scale
  • Real-time, actionable insights
  • 100% compliance in every market
Comparable ToSAP

Maximize your subscription with pre-integrated product bundles


Virtual WorkSpace

With the rise of remote workers, we have several solutions that address the breadth of collaboration and connection your organization needs to continue thriving.

This solution combines Jive + Sococo + AlertFind

Newsletter Pro

Automate the creation and delivery of newsletters ensuring you reach the right employees with the right information at the right time.

This solution combines Jive + Aurea Campaign Manager

Content Notifications

Improve employee productivity and expand Jive content reach with Content Notifications – notifying users when new content is posted to review.

This solution combines Jive + AlertFind

Collaborative CRM

Jive is the perfect complement to ACRM, bringing together your sales teams and stakeholders in one place to collaborate on opportunities and close deals faster.

This solution combines Aurea CRM + Jive

Predictive CRM

Leverage proven data science to rapidly identify your most promising prospects, build hyper-targeted segments, and personalize outreach at scale, to significantly increase conversion rates of campaigns.

This solution combines Aurea CRM + Infer

Sales Intelligence

Tell sales reps where to spend their time and how, using predictive analytics to identify deal threats, accelerators, and valuable reasons to check in.

This solution combines Aurea CRM + FirstRain

Get up and running fast with fully-included onboarding

To get the most value from your Unlimited subscription, we include basic onboarding to get you up and running on your new solution.

Our onboarding process is based on best practices that have helped other clients successfully adopt these solutions. Get started in four phases:


The Aurea PMO schedules a kickoff meeting with your project team to review the project methodology, schedule, and expectations.


We deploy your new solution and apply standard configurations, which include pre-configured best practice use cases that have been proven with
our customers.


During this phase, you’ll learn to manage the system, train your end users, and and leverage more best practices for launching and adopting your solution.


During the Pilot Phase, we host weekly Ask a Consultant Workshops to answer questions and help you plan and execute the launch of your new

Please note timelines will vary based on the complexity of your product. The average time to a successful deployment ranges from 6-12 weeks.