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About Aurea

Aurea is the technology behind some of the world’s greatest customer experiences, from British Airways in the sky to Disney World on the ground. And we transform your experience with us through a Client Success Program™ that ensures you achieve your goals, every step of the way. Aurea is a very different kind of software company – and we deliver very different results.

Meet the team

We’re passionate about the experience you deliver to your customers – and as importantly, your experience with us. We’ve completely redefined what clients should expect from an enterprise software company — better products, a deeper relationship, and an unwavering focus on your success.

Our core values


Doing business with most software companies can be hard and complex. Not Aurea. We make powerful products that are easy to use, and we’ve created an experience for you that is flexible, friendly, and focused on your success.


We build long term relationships with our clients. That means having the courage to make strategic investments and, often times, making tough decisions that we believe deeply are in your long term interest.


Your success is how we measure our own. We align to your business goals, and meet with you regularly to ensure we are on track and accountable. The result? You get the value you demand from your investment.

10acquisitions made since 2012
1000global team members
4000global customers

Since launching in 2012, Aurea has built a global software business by focusing on client success. Each new business we add to the Aurea family enters our Business Transformation Lifecycle, achieves near term operational excellence, and ultimately delivers new opportunities for all of our clients to create greater value in their businesses.

300%year over year total revenue growth

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