Meet the future of
business software

Why try to tackle enormous changes — like hybrid work being here forever or the public cloud taking over the world — with visionless software?

With Aurea, you get everything you need to embrace the future of work, commerce, and IT.
And you get it all for one simple price with Aurea Unlimited. 

It’s bold. It’s the future of business software. And it’s here now.

The Future of Work

Hybrid. Global. Asynchronous. The Future of Work demands new technology and processes that make the most of a new paradigm — and traditional communication and collaboration tools don’t cut it.

The Aurea Future of Work Cloud fosters true connection between your people, their ideas, and your company’s mission. It empowers you to battle disengagement, further diversity, and achieve your biggest objectives, from today’s moonshots to tomorrow’s metaverse.

The Future of Commerce

Today’s B2B buyers demand experiences that rival B2C: personalized, digital, real time, and self-service. But B2B selling is more difficult than B2C, with complex products and longer buying cycles.

The Aurea Future of Commerce Cloud cuts through that complexity to deliver what your customers want: a simpler, more consumer-friendly way to buy from you. From marketing to sales to customer retention, it gives you the insight and analysis to attract customers, convert prospects, and grow your business.

The Future of IT

The future of IT is a foundation of trusted cloud services that frees IT to modernize, innovate, and deliver more value and savings to the business in the years to come.

The Aurea Future of IT Cloud helps you get there, enabling organizations to migrate, build, integrate, and manage next-generation IT infrastructure on the public cloud 10 times faster, at 10% of the cost.

Ready to embrace the future?

All of our solutions have bold visions for what’s coming next — but they also offer best-in-class capabilities today. Get in touch to learn more about how to get exponential value from your Aurea subscription, or log in to Worx (our customer community) to explore resources and conversations.