We spend billions on software so you don’t have to.

One subscription. Dozens of products. Unlimited possibility.

Enterprise software, reimagined.

What if enterprise software worked like Netflix: instead of one-off purchases, all of your products were available in an always-growing library, right at your fingertips?

With Aurea, it does. Our Unlimited approach to enterprise software is designed to simplify and advance the way you use technology. One subscription unlocks every Aurea product, so you can innovate and expand with less risk, more value, and unparalleled performance.

  • Browse The Library

    Explore our entire portfolio to determine which products are right for you.

  • Pick Your Products

    The amount you spend with Aurea today is the amount you have to spend towards each and every other product.

  • Talk to your account team.

    We’re here to help. Reach out to schedule a custom demo or move straight to implementation.

  • Get up and running.

    Every product in the Aurea Unlimited library comes with basic onboarding services at no extra cost.

Discover Unlimited Possibility