The Future of Commerce

Give B2B buyers experiences that rival B2C — digital, highly personalized, and self-service.

The future of commerce has officially arrived

B2B buyers now demand one-click, personalized, consumer-style experiences — and if you can’t provide them, they’ll buy from competitors who can. 

To meet these expectations, businesses must balance the complexity of B2B purchasing with the simplicity and intelligence of a B2C experience. That means sales teams need to understand whom to contact, through what channels, and when.

Turn data and knowledge into better buying experiences

You already have valuable customer data in your CRM, marketing, and support systems. What if you could use that data – and automatically gather new information about individual buying preferences and beyond — to create a personalized, consumer-friendly experience for every B2B buyer?

  • Attract customers with competitive intelligence, lead scoring, email marketing, market research, and automated lead follow-up
  • Convert prospects with integrated sales forecasting, smart cross-sell and up-sell recommendations, virtual deal rooms, and comprehensive sales intelligence
  • Grow your business with renewal risk analysis, customer satisfaction management, and customer sentiment alerts

Meet the Aurea Future of Commerce Cloud

Our Future of Commerce Cloud includes everything you need to do exactly that. Use powerful automation, AI, and data analysis to attract more prospects, convert them to customers, and grow their business through more consumer-friendly, B2C-like experiences. Start with one solution or use them all, across marketing, sales, and customer retention.

Do things like:

Create B2C experiences for B2B buyers
Add more personalization and self-service to every deal with rich insights that drive intelligent actions and sentiment analysis that improves deal performance

Make every interaction meaningful and productive
Replace steak dinners with hyper-personalized, real-time communications that help you have the right conversations, at the right time, in the right channel

Streamline customer relationships
Give your entire sales team access to the same information to reduce steps in the sales process and support sales turnover and training

Grow without compromise
Expand your team and your business without impacting the customer experience with AI and automation that drive faster, more efficient interactions

Optimize your entire customer journey
Ensure you never drop the ball with an end-to-end software portfolio that covers marketing, sales, and customer experience

Unlimited possibility starts here.

Enhance existing solutions or add to your stack with Aurea Unlimited

Every Aurea product gives you access to our entire library of software with one simple subscription. And if you’re new to Aurea, you’ll gain access to each and every product in our portfolio with your initial purchase.