The Future of Work

Get a virtual work platform that goes beyond communication — building new and valuable connections between your people, your ideas, and your company’s vision.

The modern workplace is virtual, asynchronous, global – and disconnected

Today’s virtual and hybrid workers enjoy more flexibility and productivity than ever before, but there’s a catch. The distributed workforce faces challenges like disengagement, diversity and inclusion, and even loneliness – and better communication isn’t enough. 

Video and chat tools help workers communicate. They don’t, however, create meaningful connections, make strides towards diversity, equity, and inclusion, or accelerate innovation by bridging the best ideas from around the world.

Create true connection with a dedicated enterprise work platform

You need the best of both worlds: the relationships and camaraderie of the office with the flexibility and productivity of the virtual workplace. We’ve built a solution that gives you both, creating connection by going beyond real-time communication and collaboration in a dedicated enterprise work platform.

  • Foster a transparent, inclusive culture that attracts the best talent and the best ideas
  • Marshal the combined knowledge and resources of the entire enterprise to achieve your biggest objectives
  • Strengthen and create the connections that power today’s moonshots and tomorrow’s metaverse

Meet the Aurea Future of Work Cloud

Aurea’s Future of Work Cloud is designed to create a richer work environment that brings the best of work-from-home and the traditional office together like never before. No matter where employees are — at home, at the coffee shop, or in the office — they enjoy an innovative experience that allows them to be together, share information, solve problems, and build community.

Do things like:

Create a rich virtual office that encourages spontaneous interactions and new relationships

Meet in smart, virtual rooms designed for efficiency, complete with sentiment analysis and pinned resources

Get inclusion insights to advance cultural alignment and drive diversity, equity, and inclusion

Host virtual town halls with rich, two-way engagement — just like the real thing (or better)

Prepare for the business metaverse. As virtual work goes from 2D to AR and VR, so will the Future of Work Cloud

Unlimited possibility starts here.

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