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During an emergency or unplanned business disruption, AlertFind from Aurea Messaging Solutions enterprise notifications let you quickly communicate important information, monitor responses, and verify staff safety.

Enterprise notification made easy

AMS AlertFind delivers communications you need during emergencies and unplanned disruptions. You can send notifications to employees via email, landline, mobile phone, and text message — and allow them to respond.

Features & Benefits

Infrastructure independent

Regardless of your infrastructure, AMS AlertFind can deliver the information you need across any channel: voice message, email, SMS text, pager notification, or fax.

Access for every channel

AMS AlertFind spans more than a dozen different devices ranging from home phones, cell phones, pagers, wireless devices, SMS and personal email accounts.

Enterprise data security and access control

Designed to meet the requirements of large enterprises for data privacy and access control, AMS AlertFind enables you to control who initiates notifications, who can be contacted, and what recipients can view.

Integration capabilities with web services API

Web services APIs let you integrate with enterprise solutions, like systems management, help desk, supply chain, and custom business applications, so you can maintain contact information and automate notifications triggered by other applications.

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Like all of our products, AlertFind is part of our growing software library. Your initial subscription gives you access to each and every other product in our portfolio. Start with AlertFind to open up unlimited possibility.

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Aurea Platinum

Our Platinum support program is designed to eliminate the need for costly, custom professional services, and build the strongest foundation for your success. To do that, we’ve combined our top-shelf support, world-class future proofing services, and self-help offerings into a single, comprehensive package.

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