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Aurea Process

Aurea Process provides the business process management building blocks you need to support complex application environments, enabling you to model and measure multi‑channel customer journeys.

Create transformative customer experiences with Aurea Process

Customer interactions span multiple channels — from web and mobile, to call centers and storefronts. These same customers interact with layers of complex applications for each experience. Aurea Process ensures that your business process automation can adapt to and keep pace with your evolving infrastructure.

Features & Benefits

Model and deploy for every channel

With Aurea Process, you can model the precise experiences you want customers to have – and then easily roll them out across web, mobile, and physical touch points.

Let business and IT speak the same language

Bring IT and business teams together so they can work collaboratively to achieve their goals across every customer journey – whether it’s technology or human-powered.

Drive continuous improvement

With built-in monitoring, you can optimize and analyze your customer interactions around the clock – with the level of granularity you need to drive continuous improvement against target goals.

Tap into the power of Enterprise

Aurea Process Enterprise speeds every process by offering cloud-based deployment options, automatic system instrumentation, and tools to support Apple iOS mobile apps.

See why Enterprise is right for youStandardEnterprise
Design and deploy multi-channel processes
Manual system instrumentation
Human-centric workflow
Business rule management
Case management foundation
Business event processing
Process analytics
Aurea Studio for model-based integration
Unlimited Aurea Messenger EnterpriseAvailable via subscription
Unlimited Aurea Monitor EnterpriseAvailable via subscription
Reduces design-build-deploy times by 50%
Automatic system instrumentation
Apple iOS mobile process containers
Deploy from the Cloud
Mobile responsive, user interface
Access to all future Enterprise releases
Standard Support
Platinum Support
  • Utilization Audit
  • Yearly Managed Upgrades
  • Performance Tuning
  • Environmental Performance Tuning
  • Annual Health Check
  • Annual Architecture Audit
  • Annual Production Readiness Assurance

Get Aurea Process.
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Like all of our products, Aurea Process is part of our growing software library. Your initial subscription gives you access to each and every other product in our portfolio. Start with Aurea Process to open up unlimited possibility.

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