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Adjusting to Remote Work
Employee Communication and Management
Alignment with Sales and Marketing
Emergency and Crisis Communications
Adjusting Remote Work
Employee Communication and Management
Alignment with Sales and Marketing
Emergency and Crisis Communications

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  • Adds Sococo + Alertfind to Jive to make workers more connected and productive
  • Get a powerful virtual office where employees can collaborate and work side-by-side
  • Enable innovation and increase employee engagement
  • Deliver simple, intuitive alerts during emergencies and disruptions
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  • Work side-by-side in a powerful online office
  • Interact with others the same way you would in a physical space
  • See your colleagues, know what they’re up to, and get responses right away
Comparable to: Pragil · Zoom · Jostle · BaseCamp
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IT & Compliance
  • Deliver simple, intuitive alerts during emergencies
  • Automatically collect and update your contact data
  • Includes sophisticated geographic notifications
Comparable to: AlertMedia · Everbridge · AlarmPoint
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  • Use Jive content and preferences to deliver targeted news
  • Create highly personalized, high-response newsletters
  • Drive more employee engagement
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  • Adds Alertfind to Jive to expand content reach
  • Notifies users every time new, relevant content is posted
  • Improves employee productivity and engagement
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  • Adds Aurea Process to Jive to onboard new employees faster
  • Automates even the most complex onboarding processes
  • Improves the new employee experience
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  • Adds Aurea CRM to Jive, giving sales teams and stakeholders one place to collaborate and close deals faster.
  • Create virtual deal rooms, bringing every stakeholder together to streamline the deal lifecycle
  • Lowers RFP response time by up to 25%
  • Reduces deal cycles by up to 22%
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Sales & Marketing
  • Update and modernize your website quickly and easily
  • Boost visitor engagement
  • Optimize your site with in-context analytics
  • Connects easily to popular marketing software and social media networks
Comparable to: HubSpot CMS · WordPress · Pantheon · Joomla! · Drupal · Squarespace
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Sales & Marketing
  • Deliver the right message at the right time to every subscriber
  • More easily segment, target, and measure your digital communications
  • Boost campaign ROI with A/B testing, and by optimizing email inbox placement
Comparable to: Marketo · Pardot · SilverPop · Hubspot
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  • Adds Aurea Process + AlertFind to Jive
  • One comprehensive solution handles every aspect of crisis management
  • Easily plan and activate your response to every potential emergency
  • Includes detailed reporting and analysis — so you get better with every response.
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