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Campaign Manager

Aurea Campaign Manager is a cloud-based email marketing solution that enables you to deeply engage your customer base in relevant and specific conversations.

Email marketing that delivers the right message at the right time

Empower marketers to quickly and easily create and manage multiple campaigns, and engage with customers throughout their brand journey with Aurea Campaign Manager (ACM). ACM enables you to easily segment, target and measure campaign effectiveness on every device.

Features & Benefits

Robust campaign management

Improve segmentation by incorporating behavioral data. ACM automates email messages for trigger and drip campaigns, and manages mailing lists, contacts, and segments for strong deliverability.

Data-driven segmentation and targeting

Create a 360-degree view of your customer – enabling granular list segmentation and targeting. ACM lets you fully leverage behavioral data to get the best results from every campaign.

Powerful analytics to deliver the best results

Track real-time campaign revenue and conversions, and evaluate campaigns by conversion, contribution to revenue, and site success.

Improved campaign ROI with A/B testing

Multivariate (or A/B) testing doubles email-driven revenue. Expand your ability to “always be testing” with intelligent and intuitive A/B testing built right into the message creation workflow.

"Aurea Campaign Manager already provides an easy-to-use interface and impressive backend that together help us meet any requirement a client throws at us, and we look forward to an even more streamlined user experience with this next release. Marketers are universally time and resource-crunched, so it’s great to see Aurea delivering innovations that will help them more quickly and easily launch ROI-driving email campaigns."
Bob Kamal, director at Zalus Digital

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Our Platinum support program is designed to eliminate the need for costly, custom professional services, and build the strongest foundation for your success. To do that, we’ve combined our top-shelf support, world-class future proofing services, and self-help offerings into a single, comprehensive package.

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