Aurea Portal Management

A scalable platform for creating and managing content and transaction portals, with a highly personalized user experience and agile content management.

Aurea Portal Management

Unify e-business with enterprise communication and collaboration in one cohesive and robust solution.

With Aurea Portal Management, companies can seamlessly tie cloud-based collaboration with key business processes, providing robust, secure and efficient communication with their employees, business partners and customers. Organizations can work socially, unlocking true business potential by engaging and connecting with key stakeholders anytime, and on any device.

A Flexible and Secure Interface

Connecting with key stakeholders in workspaces that are totally private, semi-private, or open gives companies the ability to do business and personally meet the needs of each participant.

Enhanced Customer Service

Social and mobile capabilities make it easier for organizations to discuss and analyze customer questions and comments.

Keep customers and partners engaged

Provides a rich community experience where they can connect, build relationships, share ideas, create content, and learn from one another.

Now available through Aurea Unlimited

Aurea Portal Management adds another powerful tool for remote work to the Aurea Unlimited library. It’s fast and easy to deploy, so your team can start seeing the benefits of a more connected distributed workforce right away.

Meet Worx, your new customer hub

AureaWorks is now Worx, a personal, centralized, modern community experience.