Aurea List Manager

Aurea List Manager (ALM) offers on-premise email and digital marketing that lets you easily segment, target, and measure digital communication across every channel.

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Deliver the right message at the right time with streamlined email marketing

Drive better conversion and more revenue with Aurea List Manager, the trusted on-premise email marketing application that delivers a suite of digital marketing capabilities. It’s designed to help you maximize campaign ROI by delivering precisely targeted messages to every customer.

On-premise deployment

Deploy on-premise to meet regulatory and security requirements. Keep sensitive data behind your firewall, so you control who has access.

Easy integration with marketing databases

Integrate seamlessly with internal and external databases, so you can leverage existing data stores to target your customers and prospects more effectively.

Personalization and performance tracking

Create and edit personalized messages, track visitor behavior across websites and campaigns, and measure the impact of each email sent.

Granular segmentation and targeting

Deliver the right message every time with Aurea List Manager’s granular list segmentation and targeting capabilities.

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ALM powers some of the world’s largest organizations which require enterprise-level data integration and the ability to manage high-volume campaigns behind the firewall.

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Aurea Campaign Manager

Deliver the right message at the right time with cloud-based email marketing. Aurea Campaign Manager includes:

  • Robust campaign management
  • Data-driven segmentation and targeting
  • Powerful analytics to deliver the best results
  • Improved campaign ROI with A/B testing

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