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List Manager

Aurea List Manager is the engine behind thousands of successful email marketing programs. It powers some of the world’s largest organizations who need to manage high‑volume campaigns behind the firewall.

On-premise email marketing to deliver the right message at the right time

Drive better conversion and more revenue with Aurea List Manager, our trusted on-premise email marketing application that delivers a suite of digital marketing capabilities. It’s designed to help you maximize campaign ROI by delivering precisely targeted messages to every customer.

Features & Benefits

On-premise deployment to meet your needs

Deploy on-premise to meet regulatory and security requirements – and keep sensitive data behind your firewall, so you control who has access.

Personalization and performance tracking

Create and edit personalized messages, track visitor behavior across websites and campaigns, and measure the impact of each email sent.

Easy integration with marketing databases

Seamlessly integrate Aurea List Manager with internal and external databases, so you can leverage existing data stores to target your customers and prospects more effectively.

Granular segmentation and targeting

Deliver the right message every time with Aurea List Manager’s granular list segmentation and targeting capabilities.

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Like all of our products, Aurea List Manager is part of our growing software library. Your initial subscription gives you access to each and every other product in our portfolio. Start with Aurea List Manager to open up unlimited possibility.

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Aurea Platinum

Our Platinum support program is designed to eliminate the need for costly, custom professional services, and build the strongest foundation for your success. To do that, we’ve combined our top-shelf support, world-class future proofing services, and self-help offerings into a single, comprehensive package.

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