Aurea Monitor

Aurea Monitor delivers the system monitoring, root-cause analysis, and issue identification tools you need to run your business in real time.

Category Integration Management
Comparable to AppDynamics, Dynatrace

Find and fix system issues before they impact your customers with real-time monitoring

You can’t afford delays in identifying and fixing the application issues that affect your customers. Aurea Monitor speeds your ability to detect potential pitfalls and gaps in system operations and performance and swiftly correct them to improve customer experience.

Automated system discovery

Automatically discover all the systems in your infrastructure involved in a business process, so you have total visibility as changes or additions happen over time.

Proactive tools for root-cause analysis

Reduce your time to identify issues and perform root-cause analysis by 85%. When you understand the issue’s root cause, you have the insight you need to make process and system changes to prevent it.

Comprehensive system monitoring

Move the needle to 100% uptime. Aurea Monitor continually tracks and monitors all processes with proactive issue identification and notifications so you can respond to and resolve issues even faster.

Tap into the power of big data

Aurea Monitor taps into the power of big data to capture, analyze, and understand all of your data, enabling real-time analytics. And, with auto-configuring embedded agents, you can scale IT services even faster.

Discover the new Aurea Integration Solutions

Aurea CX Platform is now Aurea Integration Solutions – and it’s more powerful than ever. Watch the video to discover what’s new.

Now available in the cloud

Aurea Integration Solutions isn’t limited to a single location deployment. By taking advantage of Aurea Integration Solutions in the Cloud, you’ll unlock continual access to the our latest capabilities, features, and enhancements – and you’ll access these benefits without the hassle of upgrades or downtime.

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Modern, optimized user experience

Aurea Monitor features a new user interface (UI) built with Bootstrap CSS that’s easier to use than ever. We replaced Adobe Flash with Javascript and extended user authentication to enable single sign-on for a truly seamless experience.

Expanded Interceptor support

Aurea is updating and expanding our Inteceptor support for popular integrations including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. Offering more integrations out of the box allows you to customize your experience even further.

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Aurea Process

Customer interactions span multiple channels — from web and mobile to call centers and storefronts. These same customers interact with layers of complex applications for each experience. Aurea Process ensures that your business process automation can adapt to and keep pace with your evolving infrastructure.

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Aurea Messenger

With Aurea Messenger, you can integrate technologies without getting bogged down in time-consuming custom implementations or high-risk roll-outs. It’s a sophisticated messaging bus that facilitates swift and simple integration of mission-critical systems through Aurea developed or custom adapters.

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Can’t afford downtime? Get Aurea Platinum Support.

Find out why most Aurea customers choose Platinum Support. For companies that can’t afford downtime, Platinum is packed with benefits like 24x7x365 support hours, our fastest SLAs available, and priority issue resolution — so your issues skip to the front of the line.

Get up and running fast with fully-included onboarding

Your Unlimited subscription includes a four-phase onboarding package for every new solution. Depending on the complexity of the product, you can expect a successful deployment in 6-12 weeks.





Unlimited ways to unlock value

Enhance an existing solution, replace a costly point product, or try something new with zero risk. With your Aurea subscription, every product is all yours.

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