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Aurea Monitor

Aurea Monitor is a comprehensive IT monitoring and management solution delivering the system monitoring, root-cause analysis, and issue identification tools you need to run your business in real-time.

Monitor and measure every system and process at the speed of business

You can’t afford delays in identifying and fixing the application issues that affect your customers. Aurea Monitor speeds your ability to detect potential pitfalls and gaps in system operations and performance, and swiftly correct them to improve customer experience.

Features & Benefits

Automated system discovery

Automatically discover all the systems in your infrastructure involved in a business process, so you have total visibility as changes or additions happen over time.

Proactive tools for root-cause analysis

Reduce your time to identify issues and perform root-cause analysis by 85%. When you understand the issue root-cause, you have the insight you need to make process and system changes to prevent them.

Comprehensive system monitoring

Move the needle to 100% uptime. Aurea Monitor continually tracks and monitors all processes with proactive issue identification and notifications so you can respond to and resolve issues even faster.

Tap into the power of Enterprise

Aurea Monitor Enterprise taps into the power of big data to capture, analyze, and understand all of your data, enabling real-time analytics. And, with auto-configuring embedded agents, you can scale IT services even faster.

See why Enterprise is right for youStandardEnterprise
Automated discovery of system services
Multi-protocol support
Policy management
Root-cause analysis
Transaction and business context reporting
Unlimited Aurea Messenger EnterpriseAvailable via subscription
Unlimited Aurea Process EnterpriseAvailable via subscription
Big Data repository access
Elastic Cloud monitoring via self-registering agents
Real-time telemetry and dashboard
Cloud deployment option (MaaS)
Access to all future Enterprise releases
Standard Support
Platinum Support
  • Utilization Audit
  • Yearly Managed Upgrades
  • Performance Tuning
  • Environmental Performance Tuning
  • Annual Health Check
  • Annual Architecture Audit
  • Annual Production Readiness Assurance
  • 24x7 Support

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Like all of our products, Aurea Monitor is part of our growing software library. Your initial subscription gives you access to each and every other product in our portfolio. Start with Aurea Monitor to open up unlimited possibility.

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