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Aurea Messenger

Aurea Messenger lets your technology keep pace with your business. Aurea’s industry leading Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) lets you adapt and change your infrastructure with plug-and-play speed and ease.

Plug and play your way to seamless integration with Aurea Messenger

With Aurea Messenger, you can integrate technologies without getting bogged-down in time consuming custom implementations or high-risk roll-outs. It’s a sophisticated messaging bus that facilitates swift and simple integration of mission critical systems through Aurea developed or custom adapters.

Features & Benefits

Multiple protocol messaging support

Solve the most challenging connectivity problems across SOA, REST, SaaS, and APIs. Aurea Messenger provides a unified, hybrid integration platform that creates a seamless network of apps, data, and devices.

Flexible enterprise messaging

Enable reliable, flexible services for the exchange of critical business data, including connectivity, message transformation and routing, transaction mediation, and process orchestration.

Continuous Availability architecture

Slash failover time without shared storage. Aurea Messenger’s patented high-availability deployment mode includes real-time replication across clustered servers, including messages and transactions.

Tap into the power of Enterprise

Aurea Messenger Enterprise delivers more than doubled messaging capacity and 10x data capacity, and real-time metrics to diagnose and resolve flow-control issues.

See why Enterprise is right for youStandardEnterprise
Docker and micro-services architecture support
Enterprise messaging
Enterprise Service Bus
Continuous availability architecture
Dynamic routing
Deployment management
Unlimited Aurea Process EnterpriseAvailable via subscription
Unlimited Aurea Monitor EnterpriseAvailable via subscription
Aurea Studio for model-based integration
2x message throughput
REST Cache delivering 6x performance
POJO Cache delivering 2.5x performance
Real-time metrics collection and streaming
Access to all future Enterprise releases
Standard Support
Platinum Support
  • Utilization Audit
  • Yearly Managed Upgrades
  • Performance Tuning
  • Environmental Performance Tuning
  • Annual Health Check
  • Annual Architecture Audit
  • Annual Production Readiness Assurance
  • 24x7 Support

Get Aurea Messenger.
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Like all of our products, Aurea Messenger is part of our growing software library. Your initial subscription gives you access to each and every other product in our portfolio. Start with Aurea Messenger to open up unlimited possibility.

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