Aurea Messenger

Aurea Messenger helps your technology keep pace with your business through an industry-leading enterprise service bus (ESB) that lets you adapt quickly.

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Comparable to Boomi, MuleSoft, Microsoft BizTalk

Plug-and-play ESB system integration for complex architectures

With Aurea Messenger, you can integrate technologies without getting bogged down in time-consuming custom implementations or high-risk roll-outs. It’s a sophisticated messaging bus that facilitates swift and simple integration of mission-critical systems through Aurea developed or custom adapters.

Multiple protocol messaging support

Solve the most challenging connectivity problems across SOA, REST, SaaS, and APIs. Aurea Messenger provides a unified, hybrid integration platform that creates a seamless network of apps, data, and devices.

Flexible enterprise messaging

Enable reliable, flexible services for the exchange of critical business data, including connectivity, message transformation and routing, transaction mediation, and process orchestration.

Continuous availability architecture

Slash failover time without shared storage. Aurea Messenger’s patented high-availability deployment mode includes real-time replication across clustered servers, including messages and transactions

10x data capacity

Aurea Messenger delivers more than doubled messaging capacity and 10x data capacity, plus real-time metrics to diagnose and resolve flow-control issues.

The next-generation enterprise service bus

The Aurea hybrid integration platform enables you to:

  • Easily integrate anything with anything
  • Model and automate business processes to streamline business operations
  • Speed up digital transformation with fast and secure APIs
  • Ensure the success of every single important customer interaction

And you can do it all either on premise, in the cloud or with a hybrid deployment.

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New API management solution

Aurea API Manager, our API Management solution, allows you to publish APIs in just a few clicks. You can easily secure your APIs by selecting the necessary policies, like OAuth authentication, response caching, quota enforcement, and more. All APIs are monitored, including the individual subscriber experience.

Developers looking to use your APIs can easily discover them through a purpose-built portal. They can search for APIs, look at documentation and code samples, subscribe to get access and monitor the experience they get while using it.

Modern infrastructure-as-a-service

Aurea iPaaS seamlessly connects different software applications and synchronizes data while removing the requirement to recruit expensive developers to generate code for customized integrations. Aurea iPaaS offers dependability with over 99.9% uptime and scalability which means your business can expand without having to worry about setting up yet another custom in-house integration.

Growing library of out-of-the-box connectors

Aurea Messenger includes an always-growing library of cloud and on-premises connectors. Pull in whichever connectors you need for fast, simple integrations – which translates to faster time-to-market and greater ease of use.

Discover the new Aurea Integration Solutions

Aurea CX Platform is now Aurea Integration Solutions – and it’s more powerful than ever. Watch the video to discover what’s new.

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