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Email Archival

Email Archival from Aurea Messaging Solutions stores your email messages securely offsite while providing instant access for both end users and IT staff.

Centralized email retention and discovery for Exchange and Office 365

Email Archival is a cloud-based service that provides continuous archiving and discovery of email messages and attachments, whether you rely on Office 365 or an on-premises Exchange environment. More than 1000 organizations and millions of users depend on Email Archival to securely archive their email and respond to discovery requests.

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Features & Benefits

Scalable SaaS storage

Email Archival stores email off-site with customer-specific content encryption. It scales to meet the needs of the largest organizations, plus we manage the storage so you don’t have to.

Discovery support for fast searches

Email content, including headers and attachments, is fully indexed for fast, comprehensive searches by reviewers using our discovery web interface. Millions of emails can be searched in seconds.

Mobile and web interfaces

Users can access their own archived email via secure web and mobile interfaces. Integration with your Active Directory environment means no additional credentials to manage.

Outlook integration

With the Email Archival Outlook plug-in, users can access archived email directly within Outlook, maintaining their folder structure. And since the interface is Outlook itself, it’s intuitive to use.

Integrate & Expand

Aurea Platinum Support

Aurea Platinum Support eliminates the need for costly, custom professional services and helps you build the strongest foundation for your success. It includes our top-shelf support, world-class future proofing services, and self-help offerings into a single, comprehensive package.

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