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Manage every lead, opportunity, and interaction with all of your prospects and customers – quickly, easily, and effectively.

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Customer Relationship Management

Keep pace with modern business with the comprehensive ACRM solution

Sales teams need the right tool to make rapid decisions in today’s fast-paced sales environment. ACRM gives sales a holistic view of every interaction and every contact with deep analytic insight powered by AWS.

Full suite of mobile apps

Whether on the road, at a point-of-sale, or in a meeting, Aurea’s mobile CRM solutions mean you can access customer information, process orders, and comprehensively manage your accounts wherever and whenever. Aurea’s user-friendly mobile CRM solutions are optimized for the mobile devices you use every day, such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, and laptops, and are tailored to fit your specific device and platform needs.

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Hybrid cloud deployment model

The Aurea hybrid cloud deployment model leverages the best of AWS to deliver improved availability over on-premise deployments, greater scalability, and lower TCO. Every aspect of monitoring, ops, upgrades and maintenance falls under higher levels of accountability and scrutiny, while customizations and one-off integrations become part of a supportable, maintained, tested, extendable, and documented system.

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Increase performance speed by 6x

Aurea CRM Enterprise offers a superior platform for growth and innovation, including up to 6x faster performance than the standard edition, streamlined UX, additional add-ons and integrations, and Platinum Support.

Aurea CRM built for the future of work

CRM should allow teams to engage, transact, and analyze, but many systems have become bloated, trying to be all things to all people. ACRM changes the game, delivering the features and functionality that Sales really needs: modern API access, industry-standard data structures, and an intuitive, easy-to-use system that enables sales teams to do their jobs faster and better.

Cloud-native, powered by AWS

Built natively on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ACRM takes advantage of the cloud’s speed, reliability, scalability, and security. With over 23 distinct service offerings covering hundreds of applications, AWS is the operating system of the future – and ACRM gives you access to all of its possibilities.

Next-gen features. Cutting-edge integrations.

ACRM includes powerful capabilities based on cutting-edge integrations.

  • Conversational assistant with AI capabilities from the integration of LEX engine
  • Next-step recommendations with Amazon Comprehend NLP
  • Predictive sales forecasting with Amazon Forecast
  • Dynamic pricing based on a combination of AWS technologies

Best-in-class CRM for cloud and on-premises

Not ready for the cloud? Not a problem. ACRM’s foundation on AWS allows for current and next-gen CRM to work together. AWS appSync lets data flow simultaneously between both applications, giving on-prem customers new functionality not traditionally available in an on-premises environment.

What makes Aurea Cloud solutions so powerful?

Reduce risk, cut costs, and drive simplicity with cloud-based solutions built for scale and speed.

Sales intelligence: Aurea CRM + FirstRain

With FirstRain, ACRM tells sales reps where to spend their time and how, using predictive analytics to identify deal threats, accelerators, and valuable
reasons to check in. The result? More opportunities, more customer engagement, and more revenue.

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Predictive analytics: Aurea CRM + Infer

Infer leverages proven data science to rapidly identify your most promising prospects, build hyper-targeted segments, and personalize outreach at scale, often resulting in significantly increased conversion rates on inbound and outbound campaigns.

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Collaborative CRM: Aurea CRM + Jive

Jive is the gateway to your most valuable assets – your people and your knowledge. It’s the perfect complement to ACRM, bringing together your sales teams and other stakeholders in one place to pursue opportunities and close deals faster and more successfully than ever before. Everyone involved in the deal can work together from anywhere, using their favorite desktop or mobile device.

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Customer engagement: Aurea CRM + Aurea Campaign Manager

Easily send targeted emails to your CRM contacts and record every interaction with the integration of Campaign Manager and CRM. This integration provides the ease of use your digital marketing team needs with the tracking of client communications wanted by Sales. Capture it all from how every email performs from open-to-click-through by connecting Aurea Campaign Manager with ACRM.

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Watch the overview video to see how ACRM + Jive deliver a one-two punch for your sales force.

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