Artemis Views

Artemis Views delivers enhanced project management capabilities through a synchronized product suite.

IT & Compliance
Artemis Views

Synchronized enterprise management for the world’s biggest projects

Artemis Views helps organizations gather projects, costs, and resources together in one simple, modern interface. With Views, organizations can manage the biggest projects, process project plans with instantaneous responses, and complete complex calculations quickly, providing answers in seconds instead of hours.

Gain total cost visibility

Achieving total cost visibility within a project schedule reduces cost impact iterations. Advanced business intelligence, reports, dashboards, and interactive analytics inform budgetary adjustments.

End-to-end baseline change management

Views Business Process capability delivers workflow-based, end-to-end baseline change management, including work authorization documentation.

Support business process audits

The user-definable business rules checker capability enables process enforcement and ensures data quality and synchronization.

Introducing Views 2

Views 2 Enterprise Edition offers new features and capabilities in a web-based application that can be run as a SaaS app or on-premises. The new, modern front-end experience will be available as soon as December 2019 while web-based time tracking will be added at the beginning of 2020.

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