Aurea Launches Unlimited Software Model to Help Businesses Accelerate Digital Transformation

World’s first enterprise software library creates unparalleled value for companies looking to cost-effectively expand their technology adoption

AUSTIN, Texas, March 19, 2019 — Aurea, a family of companies that help global businesses accelerate digital transformation, announced its new business model offering the world’s first unlimited enterprise software library. The company’s unique approach creates value by entitling all customers to use every product in Aurea’s portfolio for a single annual fee. By reimagining the way enterprise software works, Aurea Unlimited is helping businesses simplify and advance their use of technology to innovate with less risk. In addition, the company today expanded its library with new products from its portfolio, including Infer for predictive marketing intelligence and First Rain for sales analytics.

“Our customers’ capacity to drive change and competitive advantage should only be metered by their aspirations – not their technology budgets. That’s why we’re on a mission to reinvent enterprise software, and we’re betting our business on the concept of unlimited possibility,” said Scott Brighton, CEO of Aurea. “Just as we all enjoy unfettered access to great content with consumer offerings like Netflix and Spotify, the ever-growing Aurea Unlimited software library opens up the same kind of access for business and IT leaders, so they can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively add value to their company’s digital transformation strategy.”

“An ‘all you can eat’ product pricing model for software presents a compelling opportunity for companies to push needed technology initiatives forward while mitigating risk,” said Wayne Kurtzman, research director for IDC’s social, communities and collaboration practice. “Digital transformation can be difficult and expensive, and the realities of IT operating budgets force many companies to limit their technology adoption. An unlimited software subscription could remove those barriers to innovation and empower businesses to try tools they might not otherwise prioritize.”

Aurea’s software library includes a variety of enterprise-grade business solutions from across its family of companies, such as the Jive Interactive Intranet for collaboration, Aurea CRM for customer relationship management, Aurea CX Messenger for enterprise application integration and Aurea Messaging Solutions’ AlertFind for emergency notifications. Aurea will continue to aggressively add new software to this portfolio, building on its track record over the past six years of growing from four core products to nearly three dozen through strategic acquisitions.

Available today, Unlimited includes every version of each Aurea product and is automatically offered as part of customers’ existing product subscriptions. Once they gain traction with their first Aurea solution, a customer can simply deploy more software at no additional cost by applying the amount they currently spend with Aurea towards each and every product in the company’s portfolio. For more information, visit

About Aurea

Aurea is a family of companies that help global businesses accelerate digital transformation through unlimited access to the world’s first enterprise software library. Customers enjoy access to every product in Aurea’s portfolio – all of which are cloud-based, enterprise-scale and easy to use – with one simple subscription. The group’s unique AureaOne operating model and acquisition strategy grow that portfolio every year, creating unparalleled value and unlimited possibility. Aurea is an affiliate of ESW Capital. For more information, visit or follow @AureaSoftware on Twitter.

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