Jive Enterprise Work Platform

Jive is the engine behind meaningful enterprise work, connecting your people with ideas, information, and each other to power the organizational missions that matter.


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Unite your people, knowledge, and content with the world's most adopted collaboration platform

Jive unites your people, knowledge, and content in a secure collaboration and communication hub across mobile and desktop devices. Built to support and enhance the future of work, Jive helps employees discover the relationships and expertise they need – all while slashing total cost of ownership and enhancing other applications, like Microsoft Office 365.

Connect people across the enterprise

Jive connects every employee, whether they are in the office together or working asynchronously separated by eight time zones. It strengthens existing relationships and connects employees to people they don’t know to build a rich, dynamic company culture.

Connect people with ideas

As an enterprise work platform, Jive connects people with all the content, information, and knowledge that is spread across your enterprise — regardless of who created the knowledge or with what tool. Smart search and personalized views mean that every employee sees only what matters to them, increasing efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction.

Connect people with the company

Jive aligns all of this – every person across every team — with the overall goals of the company, enabling enterprise work. From cascading strategic initiatives to measuring how they are being received, Jive is designed to help you better connect the entire enterprise to achieve the top strategic initiatives of your company.

Make your Jive community more powerful than ever

Extend your Jive community with over 30 new capabilities, from MS Teams integration to one-click tiles and add-ons.

Completely modernize your Jive community

It’s never been easier to get even more business value from Jive. With the Jive Innovation Enablement program (IEP), we move you to the most modern, powerful version of Jive in three fully-managed phases. The result — Jive Cloud, where you’ll enjoy continuous, powerful innovation.

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Jive + AWS

Future Jive innovation leverages native AWS technology, delivering security, scalability, performance and a rapid pace of innovation. Because we’re no longer limited to applications and services behind the firewall or constrained by the resources on hand, you get more innovative capabilities, more quickly than ever.

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Upgrade to the latest version of Jive — without the roadblocks and risk

Move to the most modern, powerful version of Jive in three fully-managed phases with the Jive Innovation Enablement Program.

Phase 1

Our experts move you to the most current version of Jive, delivering major improvements in performance and innovation.

Phase 2

We get you cloud-ready, removing technical blockers and preparing your current deployment (and custom code, etc.) to move to the cloud when the time is right.

Phase 3

Our migration team successfully moves you to Jive Cloud whenever you are ready — so your community enjoys continuous, powerful innovation.

Featured extensions

Optimize the community experience for users and admins by adding these powerful features to your Jive instance.

Microsoft Teams integration

Seamlessly integrate Jive with MS Teams to start or join a Teams chat from within Jive, see users’ Teams status, leverage Jive search and more.

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Ask Me Anything

Easily host real-time Q&A sessions to proactively connect employees with executives, strengthen company culture, and improve transparency.

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Jive Mobile

Give your users the full Jive experience any time, anywhere, by connecting your Jive community to the Jive mobile app.

Jive Mobile on the App Store

Jive Mobile on Google Play

One-click tiles and add-ons

Customize your community with tiles and add-ons that can be added in one click — no professional services engagement required.

News stream

Bring the same dynamic content that you display on the home page to other pages within your community, including push, following, and custom streams.

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Advanced HTML

Insert HTML, CSS and JavaScript into this custom tile to improve the look and feel of your community. Use visibility rules to target information based on language, profile field or user group.

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Grid layout

Display links and images in an attractive grid format to showcase important stories and build visual navigation.

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Create slideshows to showcase important content. Display slideshows on Place landing pages and News pages using a variety of layouts and configurations. Use visibility rules to target information based on language, profile field or user group.

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Recent content

Highlight recent content from one or multiple Places in a variety of layouts. Show or hide content attributes and allow users to filter by content type, search text, tags and more.

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Content filter

Make it easy for users to filter content by multiple tags. Configure results to display for specific places or the entire community as well as in various orders.

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Extend Jive with pre-integrated bundles

Connect Jive with another product from the software library to quickly and easily add value to your deployment.

Campaign Manager + Jive

Targeted Newsletter

Automate the creation and delivery of newsletters ensuring you reach the right employees with the right information at the right time.

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Aurea CRM + Jive

Collaborative Opportunity Management

Jive and Aurea CRM bring together your sales teams and other stakeholders in one place to pursue opportunities and close deals faster and more successfully than ever before.

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Enhance an existing solution, replace a costly point product, or try something new with zero risk. With your Aurea subscription, every product is all yours.

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