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Jive Interactive Intranet

Jive unleashes employee productivity, harnesses corporate knowledge and builds institutional memory with open, secure, enterprise-scale collaboration.

Unite your people, knowledge, and content with the world’s most adopted collaboration platform

Jive goes where no intranet has gone before, connecting all your people, knowledge, and content in a secure collaboration and communication hub across mobile and desktop devices. As an out-of-the-box intranet that people really use, Jive helps employees discover the relationships and expertise they need – all while slashing total cost of ownership and enhancing other applications, like Microsoft Office 365.

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Features & Benefits

Complete out-of-the-box intranet

Jive includes all the capabilities you need to quickly set up and launch a best-of-breed interactive intranet and collaboration hub. It’s the most comprehensive collaboration and communication solution ever, a turnkey platform that drives productivity, engagement, and knowledge sharing across your workforce and across your enterprise.

Integrated collaboration hub

Jive bridges your IT infrastructure and shatters silos, powering fluid collaboration across your systems of record, apps and devices. Our deep integrations go beyond mere notifications, with full bi-directional functionality so you can work in your favorite apps and tools while Jive keeps you and your team in sync.

Employee engagement platform

Everything from its intuitive consumer-style interface to its smart search functions and personalized experiences make Jive an intranet people really love to use. New capabilities like peer recognition, quests and rewards, analytics, rich profiles and more take participation, enthusiasm and engagement to a whole new level.

Consumer-grade mobile intranet app

With the beautiful, consumer-style Jive Daily mobile app, you can tap the full power of Jive anytime and anywhere from your favorite mobile device.

Read the latest company news, manage all your communications, search for people, information and content, access your employee directory, create and share documents, blog posts, and videos and much more.

Meet the Jive Extension Pack

The Jive Extension Pack offers a strategic set of supported add-ons, plug-ins, integrations, services, and tiles designed to help you optimize Jive and solve unique business challenges without the cost of ad-hoc services and customizations.

New & Noteworthy

Introducing PeopleGraph

Jive is reinventing the enterprise social network with PeopleGraph: an incredibly rich data structure and engine that will enable Jive to understand a company’s people relationships at an unprecedented level of sophistication.

Jive + AWS

Future Jive innovation leverages native AWS technology, delivering security, scalability, performance and a rapid pace of innovation. Because we’re no longer limited to applications and services behind the firewall or constrained by the resources on hand, you get more innovative capabilities, more quickly than ever.

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Integrate & Expand

Urgent Notifications
(Jive + AlertFind)

  • Send critical notifications directly from Jive
  • Improve open rates through multi-channel delivery
  • Track notification reach & responses
  • Watch the explainer video 

Personalized Newsletter
(Jive + Campaign Manager)

  • Generate newsletters based on user preferences
  • Automate recommendations based on role, location, etc.
  • Swap stories with other recommended articles
  • Email newsletters and track open and click-through rates

Collaborative CRM
(Jive + ACRM)

  • Empower customer-facing teams through collaboration
  • Significantly shorten sales cycles
  • Spur deal and account collaboration
  • Resolve support tickets faster and more efficiencly
  • Drive holistic project management across all departments
See Collaborative CRM in action

Watch the brief explainer video to learn how Jive + CRM deliver game-changing business benefits.

Options & Add‑ons

A-List Elite Business Services

Expand your community and boost your business bottom line. A-List offers data-driven insight and strategic guidance from industry experts to develop a thriving community that delivers use case business value while driving adoption and engagement.

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The Jive Extension Pack

Ensure your business success with an always-growing collection of add-ons, plug-ins, integrations and tiles. With one turnkey package at one affordable price, you can extend your solution to:

  • Meet specific business needs
  • Increase speed of innovation
  • Drive a unique experience

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Aurea Platinum Support

Platinum is Aurea’s VIP support program, designed to help you maximize the value of Aurea software. Reduce risk anywhere, any time, with 24x7 access, streamlined support, and proactive future-proofing.

Aurea Unlimited

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