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Jive Interactive Intranet

Modernize your intranet and bring the power of integrated collaboration to your organization with one hub. Unite your people, knowledge, and content across mobile and desktop devices.

The gateway to your people and knowledge.

Help employees discover the people, expertise, and insights they need to do their jobs. Drive collaboration at every level. Keep your entire workforce—even remote and deskless workers—informed and aligned 24X7.

Features & Benefits

Cure corporate amnesia

Make work visible, searchable, and shareable, maximizing your collective brainpower and building permanent institutional memory.

End silos

Go beyond disconnected tools and captive platforms with an integrated collaboration hub that unites employees, information, and systems across the enterprise.

Align your company

Turn a fragmented organization into a cohesive team where everyone contributes and shares your company’s vision and culture.

Increase adoption, reduce costs

Jive is an out-of-the-box intranet that employees really use. It slashes total cost of ownership, reduces IT workload, and enhances other applications, like Office 365.

Get Jive.
Grow with the entire library.

Like all of our products, Jive is part of our growing software library. Your initial subscription gives you access to each and every other product in our portfolio. Start with Jive to open up unlimited possibility.

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