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Understand your customers and engage them intelligently through powerful, just-in-time analytics tuned to your company strategy. FirstRain delivers a precisely personal view into your customers, markets, strategy, and competition.

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Personalized insight into your business world

FirstRain makes it easy to understand complex customers and markets, giving you a tremendous competitive advantage. Our powerful, SaaS-based analytics solution automatically discovers new sales and lead-generation opportunities, market development strategies, and even new ways to mitigate risk.

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Features & Benefits

Create new opportunities

Predictive analytics tell your sales, marketing, and executive teams where to spend their time and how, delivering deep customer knowledge in real-time.

Monitor your target markets

Powerful heat maps let you see what’s happening as it unfolds, highlighting the companies and business drivers that are currently trending in your target markets.

Know who to call

The “Who To Call” panel keeps you up to date with alerts on “Deal Threats & Accelerators,” “Reasons to Check-In,” as well as “Good to Know” content. Access it anywhere, from the app or through your daily email brief.

Stay on top of your competitors

See what’s new, including key developments, management changes, and more for all your top competitors.

FirstRain is available to customers in the Aurea family of products

FirstRain is part of ESW capital, our larger family of products, and made available to Aurea customers as a benefit of Unlimited. Read about how FirstRain brings together dynamic categorization of global enterprise data sources including web and social that are highly relevant to each user and augmented with real-time scoring and ranking across all your accounts.

New & Noteworthy

What’s new in the Aurea Product Library?

Recent additions to the Aurea family are now available in the Aurea product library. Add next-gen CRM, enterprise business intelligence and more to your stack.

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Integrate & Expand

CRM + FirstRain: Get insights that drive action

With Aurea CRM, FirstRain tells sales reps where to spend their time and how, using predictive analytics to identify deal threats, accelerators, and valuable reasons to check in. The result? More opportunities, more customer engagement, and more revenue.

Learn more about CRM + FirstRain

Discover how CRM and FirstRain work together to help you deeply understand your target markets.

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