Business Process Management : Savvion

Savvion is a comprehensive, model-based business process management (BPM) system that empowers you to build adaptable solutions and provide the best customer experience. Savvion delivers real-time, context-relevant insight into critical business operations and tools to change business rules and logic without involving IT.

Business Benefits

Savvion’s approach to business process alignment dramatically reduces your TCO, without sacrificing key capabilities so you can:

  Bridge process gaps between existing systems without disrupting critical operations

  Optimize efficiency by narrowing focus based on priority and relevance

  Maximize profit by responding to business needs through real-time process analysis

  Reduce time-to-resolution through automated exceptional situation handling

  Integrate with Aurea DataXtend, Sonic and Actional to create a rich customer experience  

 With Savvion’s enterprise-scale capabilities you can institute a culture of continuous improvement in a dynamic environment with real-time monitoring and in-depth process analysis.

Create Applications without Coding

Savvion offers a design-tool framework that's available across the board. The easy-to-use Graphical Event Logic (GEL) tool eliminates weeks - even months - of development time, through an intuitive interface designed for non-technical stakeholders, without restricting advanced users. GEL can be used for business logic development, form validation and dynamic UI design.

BPM for the Masses

Gone are the days where BPM is targeted for a select group of analysts or practitioners. Business improvement requires broader business involvement where business stakeholders can actively engage in process development and refinement. Savvion opens the doors by introducing a Web-based, mobile-ready tool that can expand your BPM practice into every part of your organization. Business stakeholders can engage with analysts and work collaboratively on-line, on process modeling, simulation, and documentation.

Accelerate Cycle Times

With Savvion, developers can focus on development - not endless hours on deployment. Server profiles store easy to access configuration details that previously accessed only in a cumbersome, multi-step processes. Configure portals with easier-to-use, modern UI’s to expand the user base, create reusable objects, and reduce extensive professional services. Implement test case recording to make the developers’ lives easier and improve accuracy between test and live systems.