A podcast & case study with Aurea CRM partner ajco

Sagar Patel

As an Aurea partner, ajco has assisted over 30 customers adopt Aurea CRM and lended their consulting and development services to help sales teams perform at their highest level. They recently helped financial services provider Bonnfinanz establish a more modern IT infrastructure while leveraging Aurea CRM alongside their inventory management, commission management and finance platforms.

We had a chance to speak with ajco’s managing directors Andreas Adam and Martin Ehret to learn more about the project, their outlook for CRM in 2021 and beyond, and how Aurea CRM plays a critical role in the companies that they support.

Below you will find the first episode in our newly formed podcast series, Aurea Talks, where we speak with Andreas and Martin on these topics and more. Listen in to hear them share their knowledge and insights into CRM implementations and their role in a remote work environment.


In addition to the podcast, we also have an excellent case study on ajco’s work with Bonnfinanz that you can find here. This is a must read for any organization that wants to learn how to continue to adopt the right enterprise software solutions for their teams to operate at maximum efficiency.

Thank you to Martin and Andreas for speaking with us, sharing their valuable learnings and helping organizations implement Aurea CRM.

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