3 Solutions To Ensure Your Remote Work Success

Timothy Davis

As we all navigate these uncharted times, We’ve seen an unprecedented demand for products that enable remote work environments and emergency notifications. If you need to address or improve either of these capabilities right now – I wanted to remind you of a few products that are available to you, at no additional cost, as a part of your current subscription with Aurea.

Here’s a quick summary – if any of these can help your organization, it is easy to set up a quick demo for you.

The world’s leading emergency mass notification system, built for situations just like what we’re experiencing with COVID-19. You can rapidly notify employees, sending notifications to hundreds or thousands of people via email, landline, mobile phone, and SMS text message and allowing recipients to respond. AlertFind is lightweight and easy to deploy. Basic implementation is available at no additional cost, or if you want to quickly integrate AlertFind into your other systems, we also have Premium onboarding packages. See the demo.

Jive connects all your people, knowledge, and content in a secure collaboration and communication hub across mobile and desktop devices.  Jive helps employees discover the relationships and expertise they need to stay connected while working remotely – all while slashing total cost of ownership and enhancing other applications, like Microsoft Office 365. Watch the video.

A part of our broader Aurea family, Sococo is a new addition available to Aurea customers under your Unlimited subscription.  Sococo is an online workplace where distributed teams come to work together each day, side-by-side. Start a free trial and ask your colleagues to join you now. Knock on the door to ask a quick question. Make decisions in the moment. Get work done.

Let your account manager know or chat with a representative online on Aurea.com if you’re interested – they can answer your questions or set up a demo for you and your team to learn more.

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