update is now Aurea CRM

One of Europe’s leading providers of premium customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, serving over 200,000 users at 1,600 businesses around the globe.

By combining update CRM with our Customer Experience Platform, clients can manage and track customer information in dramatic new ways, and use that data to create powerful, tailored experiences at each customer touchpoint.

Scott Brighton, Aurea CEO

Powerful insights for 360-degree customer views

For over 20 years, update has delivered industry-leading CRM solutions for global businesses. update delivers end-to-end CRM solutions, available both in the cloud or on-premise. update solutions offer a comprehensive suite of intuitive functionalities to support sales and marketing across all platforms. Clients can seamlessly store and manage prospect and customer information, while empowering sales teams to drive more and better leads, and bigger and faster deals.

Supporting more than 1600 businesses around the world, update CRM – now Aurea CRM – is the centerpiece of Aurea’s Customer Engagement Solutions, and the key to creating transformative experiences for customers. Aurea is focused on removing every barrier to user adoption so you can rapidly increase the value of your CRM solution.




Businesses around the world

Today we have a 360-degree view of our customers. And, communication between our field force and internal sales team has much improved and turn-around times are a lot shorter.

With Aurea, update customers benefit from a broad vision for next generation CRM, global scale of operations, and a more business value and customer-oriented focus.

Scott Brighton, Aurea CEO

Customer experience transformation unleashed

Traditional CRM enables companies to manage loyalty programs, provide incentives, and recognize customers based on desired behaviors. Aurea expands CRM to focus on comprehensive customer experience, with hyper-personalization to drive transformative, real-time experiences at every customer touchpoint.

With update, Aurea CRM will inspire the best in sales behavior through sales and pipeline insights; Aurea CRM also enhances salesforce productivity with mobile and tablet tools, and drives greater CRM adoption through intuitive features and functionality.

update is now Aurea CRM

Learn how Aurea CRM is reenvisioning customer engagement from start to finish.