ista NA is now
Aurea Energy Solutions

A global leader for the recording, billing, visualization and management of energy, water, and other ancillary costs.

We believe the energy sector represents unprecedented opportunity for dramatic improvements in customer experience. Aurea will complement and augment ista NA’s recognized market leadership with a global team organized to accelerate the pace of innovation through broader expertise and increased focus to optimize the energy customer experience from start to finish.

Scott Brighton, Aurea CEO

Retail energy market leadership with scalable solutions

ista NA – now Aurea Energy Solutions – has been a global leader in billing, EDI, customer management, and other business process services for Retail Energy providers since 1999. Its platforms are used by the fastest growing retailers in the industry. Retail energy providers rely on ista NA’s platform solutions and energy market knowledge across more than 100 gas and electric utility territories in 18 states.

ista NA’s flagship Customer Information Systems (CIS) and EDI solutions are comprehensive platforms for CRM, billing, and electronic data interchange. Through these platforms, ista NA has managed over a million customers and billions of transactions for leading energy providers across North America.


Transactions per year


Retail customers

Aurea’s acquisition of ista NA has formed the core of our Aurea Energy Solutions business which is focused on helping retail energy clients optimize revenue management across the customer lifecycle.

Scott Brighton, Aurea CEO

Optimizing revenue lifecycle management for retail energy providers

The Aurea Revenue Lifecycle Management solution based on ista NA – the core of Aurea Energy Solutions – is the retail energy industry’s only solution that provides revenue and customer management capabilities throughout the entire relationship lifecycle. This allows retail energy providers to bill faster and more accurately, enter or migrate markets more easily, and retain more customers.

Revenue Lifecycle Management combines ista NA’s Customer Information Systems (CIS) and EDI technology into a comprehensive BPO platform for CRM, billing, and electronic data interchange.

ista NA is now Aurea Energy Solutions

Learn how Aurea Energy Solutions is revolutionizing revenue lifecycle management for the retail energy industry.