Revenue Lifecycle Management

The only solution for the retail energy industry that provides revenue and customer management capabilities throughout the entire customer relationship lifecycle.

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Manage customers seamlessly across the entire revenue lifecycle

Retail energy providers need enterprise capabilities for revenue management control across the customer lifecycle. Aurea Energy Solutions (AES) Revenue Lifecycle Management lets energy retailers offload the complexity and cost of retail billing, driving maximum revenue and growth through a fully managed, scalable platform.

Revenue lifecycle management at enterprise scale

AES solutions are designed with enterprise scale, stability, and performance top of mind. Focused on retail energy, AES RLM is the most nimble and cost-effective solution for your industry.

Managed service to simplify and save

Reduce IT and operations costs while achieving operational simplicity. With a robust API catalog, AES Revenue Lifecycle Management ensures seamless integration across the enterprise.

Real-time, actionable insights

Real-time analytics deliver actionable metrics and KPI tracking for back-office operations, revenue achievement, and payment and processing status so you can proactively manage your business.

100% compliance in every market

Increased regulatory complexity and volume make compliance even more critical. AES RLM enables 100% compliance with all regulatory requirements and industry standards, including PCI, SOC1, and others.

All-new transaction data and trends dashboard

Quick access to view key transactional data for trend spotting and high-level analysis. Benefits of enabling this new dashboard feature include its interactive user interface, 360-degree informational views including real-time transaction flow and health. Contact your Aurea AE to learn how this powerful visual display of data can help reduce your capital spend on processing files while helping you make better business decisions through deeper data insights.

Collaborative Commisions Platform

Prevent revenue loss by leveraging Aurea’s Collaborative Commisions Platform. By combining RLM with DCM and Jive, you can:

  • Automate complex commission calculations
  • Easily integrate with data sources
  • Centralize commission tracking
  • Reduce payout errors
  • Gain full visibility into broker activity
  • View expected payouts
  • Access latest incentive programs
  • No reconciliation needed

Mass Notifications for RLM

Quickly reach one or a thousand people with Mass Notifications, powered by AlertFind and connected to RLM. Mass Notifications covers:

  • Customer alerts and updates
  • Power outages / unplanned disruptions
  • Weather event disturbances
  • Employee communications
  • Office closings
  • Natural disasters
  • IT breaches
  • Billing and payment notifications

Outsourced email

Reduce your email makreting investment to zero by outsourcing to Aurea. You’ll reduce heavy integrations on repliaction or other data sources and get one vendor serving all your communication needs, including:

  • Billing statements
  • Upcoming news
  • Promotional communications
  • Internal messages

Get up and running fast with fully-included onboarding

Your Unlimited subscription includes a four-phase onboarding package for every new solution. Depending on the complexity of the product, you can expect a successful deployment in 6-12 weeks.





Unlimited ways to unlock value

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