Aurea Answers

Frequently Asked Questions for new MessageOne Clients

Welcome to Aurea. As a new client, you’re sure to have questions - and we have answers.

This simple FAQ is designed to help get you started the right way by addressing the most common questions we receive from clients just like you. Of course, if we’ve missed something you need help with, just contact us. You can expect a personal follow up to your questions within two business days – our goal is to ensure you get what you need, as quickly as possible.

Contract & Legal

Is my contract going to change?

If you are already on a Versata contract then your contract will not change. If you are still on a legacy Dell contract, then at the appropriate time, we will work with you to transition to an Aurea contract so that you can take advantage of all our offerings.

Are the bank details for payment going to change?

No, they will stay the same as with Versata.

Do I need a new W9 for Aurea?

In short, no. Aurea and Versata, while separate entities, reside within the same holding company – so your W9 remains valid.


How do I get in touch with Support?

Support will be reachable through the Aurea Support Portal.

Within the next three months we will be making some enhancements that will simplify and improve your experience. A few of the enhancements include:

  • Aligning the contact page design with our new simplified two step Aurea process, enabling you to reach us on both the MessageOne and Aurea websites.
  • Simplifying the calling experience with a dedicated MessageOne phone line for your region.
  • Upgrading the support ticketing to Aurea’s unified system.

Each upgrade and system change will be clearly communicated to you ahead of time, and will be coordinated to minimize support interruption. To ensure you receive these communications, simply submit this short form.

I’m a Platinum client – how does Platinum work at Aurea?

Platinum at Aurea works just like MessageOne:

  • Unlimited support tickets
  • Platinum hotline
  • Highest priority and feature support

One difference you will notice is that our Platinum Experience Managers are called Platinum Support Technicians. They are focused on resolving your most urgent issues, in addition to providing you with comprehensive support reports.

Lastly, with Platinum Support, our specialised technicians can also advise you on which Platinum Services are available and recommended to make your system the most efficient.


Does my Account Manager change?

A set of Versata team members will be joining Aurea as a part of the transition, and in some cases, Account Management will remain the same. For several clients, we do expect there will be new Account Manager relationships. In these cases, we are currently working with the existing team to ensure a smooth transition. You can expect a communication from Rachel Collins, your GM, with an introduction to your new Account Manager by December 15. If you have an urgent request, contact us and we’ll connect you to the right team member.

I would like to schedule a CSC. How can I do that?

We’re happy to hear that. Currently, we are in the process of transitioning all participating MessageOne clients to new Executive Sponsors in the Aurea leadership team most aligned to your industry and specific needs. Expect to receive your invitations for your first call in January.

If you were not participating in the program previously and would like to get involved, please contact us and we will gladly enroll you in the program.


What information can you share about the product roadmap?

With MessageOne, we will focus on stabilizing and revitalizing the product. Through early 2017, our roadmap will focus on stabilizing product infrastructure, improving product quality, and ensuring client stability. Throughout the remainder of 2017, we will then focus on improving product architecture, performance, and usability. Our goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with every product. We will share roadmap detail as it becomes available.

I heard about an Enterprise Edition. Where can I get more information on that?

Our product management teams will assess MessageOne solutions and capabilities to determine the schedule and need for Enterprise Edition solutions. In general, our Enterprise Edition products let us swiftly and strategically modernize the software our customers already use, while creating a forward-looking business foundation for decades to come. Enterprise Edition products are redesigned to drive performance, usability and mobile improvements. We will be sure to share any updates about timeline with you as we have them.

What is Aurea Prime, and how do I get access?

Aurea Prime is our revolutionary membership program that provides clients with all the software Aurea has for free — forever. You only pay for products in your primary product category. The Standard Edition of every other Aurea product is free.

Aurea software is available through our self-service Prime App Store. You can visit MyPrime to learn more.