Aurea Retail
As multichannel sales dominate, the retail industry represents unprecedented opportunity for improvements in customer experience. With Aurea's investment and innovation, GCE Retail ERP will be pivotal to delivering the best retail experience across every sales channel. - SCOTT BRIGHTON, AUREA CEO
Retail ERP innovation across the entire supply chain

Part of Generix Group, GCE Retail ERP has been a leading retail supply chain solution for almost 20 years. Headquartered in France, GCE Retail ERP is used daily to improve and innovate the supply chain management and distribution performance of more than 150 leading brands. GCE Retail - now Aurea Collaborative Enterprise - is focused on providing the rapidly evolving retail ecosystem with solutions to operate profitably, adjust effectively, and grow sustainably.

GCE Retail ERP helps retailers, third party logistics providers and manufacturers manage, share and optimize their value chain. The solution delivers best-in-class retail ERP and supply chain solutions to give comprehensive insight to suppliers, distributors, and customers. It provides tools to intelligently manage product stock, fulfillment, and finances.

150 Leading brands using GCE
20 years Of proven technology
Scott Brighton
The acquisition of GCE Retail ERP allows Aurea to further its strategy to deliver core offerings which optimize customer experience everywhere, while creating a new vertical focus on retail. - SCOTT BRIGHTON, AUREA CEO
European market leader with retail dominance

GCE Retail ERP forms the core of Aurea Retail Solutions, a vertical solution focused exclusively on the needs of global retailers. GCE also strengthens Aurea’s strategic presence in France, a significant growth market.

As Aurea Collaborative Enterprise - and delivered in combination with Aurea Store Management for point-of-sale network optimization - GCE is now part of an end-to-end suite of retail solutions designed to create a seamless experience for customers across every retail channel, while managing the complexities of multiple supply chains, import challenges, and financial tracking.

Aurea Retail

GCE is now Aurea Collaborative Enterprise Solution for Retail

Learn how Aurea Collaborative Enterprise is revolutionizing retail ERP to enable the best in end-to-end supply chain optimization.

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