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What We Do

Nothing matters more to my team and me than your success and the experience you have with us. It's what drives our strategy and our brand, and each of us works hard every day to deliver your success.
Scott Brighton, CEO

A Business Built Around Your Experience, and Your Success

We’re the technology behind some of the world’s greatest customer experiences. To do that, we acquire compelling software companies with great products and great clients who are hungry for success. Applying our proven transformation process, we transform these companies and strengthen and grow client relationships to deliver the business outcomes you demand.


Acquire and partner

When we acquire a company you depend on, we work tirelessly to earn your trust and partner with you — to create a valuable new relationship centered on your success.

Strengthen for success

In our first phase, we focus on major improvements to product quality and dependability – what we call the Standard Edition of our products. This initial, critical investment forms a sustainable foundation for adding new value and features to your existing investments.

Innovate & grow

Finally, we invest deeply in more modern, forward-looking products we call our Enterprise Editions — completely re-engineered to drive massive improvements in speed, performance, ease-of-use, mobility, and more.

Unleash the power of Enterprise Edition

For each Aurea Enterprise Edition, we completely re-architect the original product — creating a far more modern version that drives up to 100x performance improvements, enhances usability, supports a shift to the cloud, and adds a premiere mobility experience.

Discover Enterprise Edition today