Welcome to Aurea

Congratulations and welcome to the Aurea family. Avolin and Aurea are both part of ESW Capital, and at Aurea, we’re focused on high growth and high innovation. Three select Avolin products are transitioning to Aurea – and we look forward to you experiencing all the benefits that come with this transition.

Small Change. Big Benefits.

As we welcome you to Aurea, our first priority is to ensure a smooth and effective transition. For you, this is a small change with big benefits.

Aurea is a growth-oriented, innovation-driven company, which is why we’re the perfect home for these three Avolin products: Onyx, Pivotal and Saratoga.

Our goals are simple: deliver value through product improvement and expansion – all available to you through our unique subscription model. I know I speak for our entire team when I say we look forward to building a relationship with you, and ensuring your success as an Aurea customer.

Welcome to Aurea!


What our Clients Say

Aurea uses a comprehensive and customer-driven approach to drive true business value with their clients.

Limbach Gruppe

Aurea evolved our relationship from a traditional software vendor to a true strategic partner with a singular focus on our success.

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Your first months at Aurea

We’re excited to get started with you. We’ve developed a rigorous roadmap to make sure your onboarding with Aurea is as smooth as possible.

Scott Brighton, our CEO, and our Executive Leadership team will reach out to introduce themselves. We’ll provide you with important information, in case you have any early questions we can answer.

We’ll invite you to a series of webinars to help you learn more about Aurea and our ‘Netflix of enterprise software’ vision, our unique product strategy, and our support and services offerings designed to deliver value.

Look out for our detailed, interactive guidebook with all the benefits you can expect from Aurea.

You’ll meet some of the most important members of our team, your dedicated Aurea sales and support leads. Look out for emails and phone calls.

We want to quickly establish a two-way dialog, and we want to know – as early as possible – how you feel we’re doing.


global team members


year over year total revenue growth


global customers

With Aurea we are producing double the volume in half the time, at lower cost with greater quality.

We’re Here to Help

In the coming days, we’ll share frequent updates and resources with you. Need something now? Contact us right away, and we’ll respond promptly.