FirstRain Case Study

Nuance Communications closes a multi-million dollar deal with FirstRain


Nuance Communications creates solutions to help organizations understand, analyze and respond to human language. However, they were struggling to understand what influences the decisions of their customers and prospects. As a result, their sales team couldn’t compete in the market. It was difficult for them to engage with their customers in a meaningful way and provide value.

To resolve this, the team at Nuance began searching for a solution to improve their sales strategy. They were also looking for software that could easily integrate with Salesforce to encourage user adoption.


After evaluating all their options, Nuance found exactly what they were looking for in FirstRain. This solution allows quick access to critical news and events affecting the reps’ key customer accounts. It also integrates with the Salesforce CRM platform. Now, all users can see customer insights right from their Salesforce dashboard.

“FirstRain provides me with relevant, up-to-date information on my key accounts,” explains a Nuance sales executive. This solution provides reps with insights about customers and prospects that had an impact on the organization almost immediately.

“Thanks to FirstRain, I recently was alerted about a new product being launched by a customer. I immediately discussed the opportunity with them, which looked like a good fit with Nuance,” said a member of the global sales team. With FirstRain, this rep gets the knowledge he needs to solve his customers’ business challenges.

That is just one of several success stories at Nuance. Every day, this solution helps the sales team close more deals.

“FirstRain’s daily alerts allow me to be current when speaking with customers,” said Dennis Kieffer, Area Vice President for Healthcare at Nuance. Now, FirstRain is at the core of his sales process. Dennis uses FirstRain analytics to monitor and connect with his top accounts.

While checking his daily alerts, Dennis noticed that FirstRain pulled an article about his customer. At the time, they were in merger negotiations with another company. He was able to use this insight to refocus his strategy with the customer and close a multi-million dollar contract.

Thanks to FirstRain, Nuance is always on top of customer news. With this knowledge, the sales team can understand what matters to customers, have meaningful conversations and make more sales.


  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Location: Burlington, MA
  • Company Size: 10,000+ employees


  • Closed a multi- million dollar deal
  • Gained real-time market insights
  • Made analytics accessible from Salesforce
  • Increased sales team productivity

I don’t have the bandwidth to search small, local news outlets for customer insights during a negotiation. Without FirstRain alerts, I would not have known about the report of my customer’s potential merger in the local paper. Thanks to FirstRain, I refocused the strategy with the customer and closed a significant contract.

Dennis Kieffer, Area Vice President for Healthcare Nuance Communications