FirstRain Case Study

GE Capital closes more sales and gains market intelligence with FirstRain


The sales and marketing teams at GE Capital, the financial services division of GE, were struggling to connect with their customers. They found that gathering the intelligence needed to become customer experts was too time-consuming. The company knew that curating personalized content was necessary to stay relevant but their teams couldn’t keep up.

Even worse, user adoption of the tools the company had previously invested in was suffering because they were hard to use. GE Capital sales reps needed customer intelligence that could integrate with Salesforce. They also wanted this information available on mobile intelligence devices. That wasn’t possible with the other tools they tried.

Leaders at the company had a goal to make the entire GE Capital team as productive as their top performers. So, the company began searching for a new solution that could make this a reality. They needed something to help the sales and marketing teams increase customer knowledge quickly.


After comparing different solutions, GE Capital chose FirstRain. It was a great fit for the company because it was easy to set up and allowed their team to access data on mobile devices. News about the ability to access data anytime anywhere spread fast. This encouraged employees to use the software.

Soon after setting up FirstRain, GE Capital’s sales excellence team developed their own “360° Account View” to move them toward their goal. They based this concept on their most successful representatives’ best practices. It featured a mix of specific customer intelligence from FirstRain as well as analysis from GE Capital’s industry experts and customer data.

All this information integrates into Salesforce and is available on mobile devices. Now, account intelligence is automatically displayed when sales reps conduct searches in Salesforce. This makes it easy for all sales reps to find the information they need to connect with customers.

Access to real-time analytics has changed the way reps sell GE Capital products. The intelligence that the team gets with FirstRain helps them understand customers better. Now they know exactly who they should be calling, and how they should be engaging. This helps them spend less time searching for information and sell more effectively.

Thanks to FirstRain, users now have access to industry and account- specific news on mobile devices. This led to better relationships with their customers and increased sales. Leaders at the company say that FirstRain’s features have driven ROI faster than other tools they’ve invested in.


  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Location: Norwalk, CT
  • Company Size: 10,000+ employees


  • Gained easy access to market intelligence
  • Boosted sales team productivity
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Helped sales team close more deals

Combine the technology with the quality of the insights, and you’ve really got a product that’s going to fit the bill and drive some ROI.

Steve Kozek, Managing Director Commercial Information and Analysis, GE Capital