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Email Continuity
Email Continuity from Aurea Messaging Solutions (AMS) provides robust, on-demand, continuous email access during planned or unplanned outages. It’s delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), so you are protected no matter what.
Ensure consistent email delivery—even during a network interruption

Traditional approaches to high availability and data recovery often provide incomplete protection at high prices. With AMS Email Continuity, you’ll have cost-effective, on-demand email access for planned or unplanned outages. Users can send and receive email through mobile devices, web browsers or Microsoft Outlook without interruption.

Near real-time failover

AMS Email Continuity can be activated in less than 60 seconds. Users have full access to recent and incoming email, contacts, and calendar entries.

Seamless mobile access

Automated failover delivers a transparent, seamless mobile experience. During a system outage, Apple and Android device users can send and receive messages without interruption.

Automatic email reconciliation

Reconcile all outage activity after the event is resolved. This ensures your Exchange server is up-to-date with all sent and received email, timestamps, and read/unread status.

Complete data-loss prevention

Prevent 100% data-loss in your Exchange environment. Unlike high-availability solutions based on replication, clustering, vaulting and log shipping, AMS Email Continuity is not vulnerable to database corruption.

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Email Continuity
60-second failover
Seamless mobile access
Automatic reconciliation
Uninterrupted access to email, calendars, contacts
Outlook integration
100% data loss prevention
Email Archival from AMSAvailable via subscription
Email Security from AMSAvailable via subscription
Standard Support
Platinum Support
  • Utilization Audit
  • Yearly Managed Upgrades
  • Performance Tuning
  • Annual Health Check
  • Annual Architecture Audit
  • Annual Production Readiness Assurance
  • 24x7 Support

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