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CX Platform enables leading companies to modernize, automate, and monitor their back office by bridging legacy SOA solutions to modern micro-service and container-based architectures.

CX Platform Solutions

The building blocks you need for multi-channel business process automation

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Plug-and-play your way to seamless integration with ESB for complex architectures

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Find and fix system issues with real-time monitoring

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Aurea CX Process Unleash CX Platform to reduce design-build-deploy-optimize time by 50%

Aurea CX Platform combines our three major enterprise infrastructure solutions to unleash the best in customer experience. Together, they deliver comprehensive capabilities for enterprise service bus messaging, business process management, and automated system monitoring - plus an Enterprise Edition visual design environment to model and build transformational customer experience applications.

Aurea Platinum Support
Aurea Platinum

Our Platinum support program is designed to eliminate the need for costly, custom professional services, and build the strongest foundation for your success. To do that, we’ve combined our top-shelf support, world-class future proofing services, and self-help offerings into a single, comprehensive package.

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