Sonic, Savvion, Actional and DXSI are now Aurea Integration Solutions

Best-of-breed intelligent messaging, business process automation, and automation monitoring.

With Aurea, Progress Software’s market leading, enterprise-class products will evolve into a next generation, cloud-based solution supporting application integration, API management and business process design.

Scott Brighton, Aurea CEO

Best-of-breed intelligent messaging, business process automation, and automation monitoring

Progress Software Corporation is a publicly traded, global software company that simplifies the development, deployment, and management of business applications on-premise or on any Cloud, on any platform and on any device with minimal IT complexity and low total cost of ownership.

Progress’ four flagship products – now Aurea Integration Solutions – include Sonic, Savvion, Actional and DXSI. Together, they create end-to-end capabilities for enterprise infrastructure integration, automation, and systems monitoring.

As Aurea Integration Solutions, the products – now, Aurea Messenger, Aurea Monitor, and Aurea Process – the Progress Software solutions will evolve into an even more tightly integrated suite for complex infrastructures.


Customers worldwide

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In a global team

Aurea acts as our integration hub to manage a high volume of data and messaging. We send 30 million messages a day, and Aurea is core to that ensuring the service is very robust and reliable.

The ability to provide real-time insights on complex business processes across platforms is the most exciting idea to emerge in the business process management space since its inception

Scott Brighton, Aurea CEO

Advanced business process management, application integration, and monitoring

As Aurea Integration Solutions, Progress Software products have become a foundational platform that enables companies to modernize and automate their back office, while delivering end-to-end capabilities for workflow design, orchestration, and monitoring.

Together, the Aurea Messenger, Aurea Monitor, and Aurea Process solutions allow companies to expand their complex infrastructure seamlessly and quickly, without being encumbered by lagging technology.

Actional, DXSI, Sonic and Savvion are now Aurea Integration Solutions

Learn how the new Aurea Integration Solutions is innovating workflow integration, orchestration, design and monitoring across platforms.