GFI is now
Aurea SMB Solutions

Enables IT administrators to easily and efficiently discover, manage and secure their business networks, systems, applications and communications.

By bringing GFI Software into the Aurea family, we can accelerate both the pace of innovation and product portfolio growth. This gives our clients even more value from the solutions they use, with access to an ever-growing library of new products.

Scott Brighton, Aurea CEO

Unique and expanding library of SMB solutions

GFI Software, now Aurea SMB Solutions, provides businesses with all the solutions needed to effectively discover, manage, and secure their IT environment. These solutions include web and mail security, archiving, fax, networking and security software.

As a channel-focused company with a network of thousands of partners worldwide, Aurea SMB Solutions is committed to delivering trusted expertise, and right-sized and smartly engineered IT solutions with a strong focus on security excellence.

Aurea SMB Solutions delivers breakthrough innovation with the growing GFI Unlimited software libary of complementary and proven SMB solutions, delivering customers immediate business value.

More than 18K


GFI Unlimited




The implementation of GFI’s products proved to be both time- and cost-effective.

Igor Yashutin – Tavrida

We tried many other products but all of them failed in direct competition with these GFI products.

Rastislav Živor – Wallich & Matthes

Small businesses must give GFI a try. They can’t afford to ignore the benefits.

Jerry Honeycutt – Castle Management

Customers will have access to deep technical expertise and resources that will bolster the products they use today, while adding more exciting products to the portfolio tomorrow.

Scott Brighton, Aurea CEO

Innovative SMB solutions in a growing portfolio

Aurea SMB Solutions broadens the Aurea portfolio from an Enterprise focus, to one that includes a robust SMB and indirect partner ecosystem. By bringing Aurea SMB Solutions under the Aurea umbrella, the organization will be able to deeply leverage Aurea’s proven acquisition model to add new offerings to the GFI Unlimited portfolio – which benefits customers and partners alike.

Learn how Aurea SMB Solutions can provide unlimited technology for your business.

Discover the full suite of Aurea SMB solutions, including network security and network communications products, that can help you power your business.