is now a part of Aurea

Two powerful tools that lead the way in document management and enterprise communication.

Better content creation and management tools from our BroadVision acquisition bring tremendous and immediate value to our customers.

Scott Brighton, Aurea CEO

A pioneer in document management and enterprise communication tools

BroadVision provides document and knowledge management applications that companies use to communicate effectively within their organizations. Aurea’s Unlimited library continues to grow with the acquisition of two BroadVision products:

  • Quicksilver — Powerful document creation and management tools available that enables businesses to create and publish lengthy, complex documents in virtually any language and any format.
  • Broadvision — This flagship product provides a scalable platform for creating and managing content and transaction portals, with a highly personalized user experience and agile content management.

The power of BroadVision is found through its ease of publishing large scale documents alleviating the need for continuous formatting that can be found using conventional methods.

Oscar Escalante

With many organizations now operating with remote workforces, adding BroadVision to our portfolio will provide our customers with solutions to maintain productivity and share knowledge with increased efficency.

Scott Brighton, Aurea CEO

Advancing our knowledge management capabilities

For Aurea, BroadVision and QuickSilver solutions simplify the creation and management of complex documents requiring version control, input from multiple sources, multi-format publishing and execution in multiple languages. Collaboration features allow teams to edit and share feedback from any device, assign tasks and connect with stakeholders, both inside and outside organizations.

Aurea Portal Management (formerly BroadVision) and QuickSilver are part of our growing Unlimited library

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