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Access all the software Aurea has for free, forever. As an Aurea client, you're automatically a member of Aurea Prime. That means unlimited access to our broad portfolio, which grows with each acquisition we make.

Invest where you couldn’t before
Constrained by budgets? With free Aurea software, you can move forward with that program you always wanted to pursue – today. Aurea Prime lets you expand with new ideas and initiatives – at no cost.

Unconstrained capacity, always
You get unlimited capacity, unrestricted access, and full versions of every Aurea Prime product. Expand as far, as wide and as fast as you need, so you can get the most of your membership.

Replace expensive software for massive cost savings
Replace high-dollar products with Aurea Prime equivalents and enjoy massive cost savings. Aurea Prime lets you access tens of millions of dollars in free software, so you can save money without sacrificing quality.

Constantly growing with new products
As Aurea grows, so does the number of products included in Aurea Prime. We’ve already acquired ten companies with more on the horizon — and every new product drives more value and benefit to you.


You’re already a member

Great news! As a current Aurea client paying maintenance or subscribing to any Aurea product, you are automatically a member of Aurea Prime.

Visit the Aurea Prime App Store

Getting started is easy. Begin by visiting the Aurea Prime App Store to learn more about all of the Aurea products available with your subscription.

Download the software you need today

The Aurea Prime App Store is completely self-service. Access and download the software you need, when you need it. And, with no constraints, there’s no limit to the amount of software you can use.

The sooner you get started, the more money you save. Visit the Aurea Prime App Store today to learn more about the products available with your Aurea Prime subscription.

Get started now

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