Aurea Store Management

Create autonomy and flexibility for retailers to deliver the best customer experience, while centralizing inventory management with the Aurea Store Management solution suite, from Aurea Retail Solutions (ARS).

Store Management

Point-of-sale and store management solutions to optimize customer purchase experience

Point-of-sale network, inventory, and store management capabilities let you focus on the last mile of the customer journey. With the ARS Store Management suite, you’ll deliver personalized customer experiences with real-time visibility.

Features & Benefits

Integrated transaction and inventory management

Point-of-sale capabilities fully integrate with centralized inventory management, so retailers can optimize store management from start-to-finish with real-time visibility as your business grows.

Payment management that inspires loyalty

In-store and mobile payment processing for secure and traceable transactions tailored for your customers. Apply promotions, track and redeem loyalty points, and customize the payment experience.

Move the back-office to the sales floor with mobile

Increase salesperson availability by moving back-office tasks to the sales floor. ARS Store Management mobile capabilities let sales people assess inventory, place orders, and keep product and customer data at their fingertips.

Unleash customer insight through analytics

Analyze point-of-sale data to make the best inventory management and promotional decisions. ARS Store Management captures post code, order source, and other customer data at the point of transaction for downstream analysis.

Aurea Platinum

Our Platinum support program is designed to eliminate the need for costly, custom professional services, and build the strongest foundation for your success. To do that, we’ve combined our top-shelf support, world-class future proofing services, and self-help offerings into a single, comprehensive package.

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