Aurea Social

Aurea Social brings the power of enhanced collaboration to Microsoft SharePoint and Office. With Aurea Social, employees can crowdsource ideas, connect with like-minded peers, and find the expertise they need instantly.


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Category Work Management
Comparable to Nintex, KWizCom

A single digital workplace to get work done

Modernize your SharePoint investment with collaboration tools and social capabilities that help employees find experts, craft ideas, share knowledge and recognize other employees – all in a style familiar to social media users.

Find expertise faster

Our powerful social graph instantly connects employee questions with the best internal experts to answer them. Employees can crowdsource ideas, connect with like-minded peers, and create measurable business value.

Transform internal communications

Turn your intranet into the hub where conversations and employee engagement come to life. Engage employees with targeted messages and choose system-wide, targeted or direct notifications for the greatest reach and impact.

Drive peer-to-peer recognition

Engage employees and drive strategic alignment with peer-to-peer and top-down recognition.

Enrich institutional knowledge

Enhance your intranet and grow institutional knowledge with valuable social stream threads.

Aurea Platinum Support

Platinum is Aurea’s VIP support program, designed to help you maximize the value of Aurea software. Reduce risk anywhere, any time, with 24×7 access, streamlined support, and proactive future-proofing.

Get up and running fast with fully-included onboarding

Your Unlimited subscription includes a four-phase onboarding package for every new solution. Depending on the complexity of the product, you can expect a successful deployment in 6-12 weeks.





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