Aurea Innovation Enablement Program

Feel stuck on an older version? Does upgrading seem too hard? Stop missing out on the latest innovations and get more from your investment. With the Aurea Innovation Enablement Program (IEP), our experts move you to the most modern, powerful version of your Aurea solutions — so you get the most value possible from your Aurea investment.

Upgrade to the latest innovations — minus the roadblocks and risk

Get all the benefits of the latest versions of your Aurea solutions, without the hassle of most major upgrades. In three proven phases, we move your entire implementation to a newer, more innovative version. It’s the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective way to modernize.

Get more value and velocity in three powerful phases

While your ultimate goal may be continuous innovation in the cloud, you need a stepwise approach to getting there. Our three-phased approach even starts with a free assessment.


Start with a complimentary assessment of your customizations, use cases, and integrations — so your upgrade addresses your unique needs.

Phase 1:

Our experts move you to the most current version of your Aurea solutions, delivering major improvements in system performance and innovation.

  • Includes validating integrations and reducing security vulnerabilities
  • You get two managed upgrades per year, plus quality assurance of your upgraded environment
  • By being on the latest version, you can also access our Unlimited Packs — popular combos of Aurea products not available in older on-prem versions.

Phase 2:

We get you cloud-ready, removing technical blockers and preparing your current deployment (and custom code, etc.) to move to the cloud when the time is right.

  • Includes a thorough assessment of your system’s stability and ability to begin the journey to NextGen Cloud.
  • We work with you to onboard your custom code, aligning it to the Cloud API framework, and providing quality assurance and verification along the way.
  • Eliminates custom code where possible, instead creating upgrade-proof, certified extensions that simplify your future migration to Cloud.

Phase 3:

Our migration team successfully moves you to Cloud, whenever you’re ready — so you enjoy continuous, powerful innovation.

  • Includes resolving your non-technical cloud blockers, including security requirements, IT governance policies, and process change management.
  • We then successfully migrate your application, data, integrations, extensions, and Cloud-ready themes and customizations.

Get started with a complimentary assessment

Interested in upgrading? See how the Aurea Innovation Enablement Program will work for you. You’ll get a detailed complimentary assessment of your upgrade path — from your customizations, use cases, and integrations to proposed project phases and cost.