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Aurea and Jive present Aurea Experience 18

New Orleans | December 4-5


Join us at Aurea Experience 18

This exclusive conference is dedicated to advancing your business goals: collaboration across organizations, strategic alignment, regulatory compliance, dynamic digital customer experiences and more. Over two days, and at no cost to you, you’ll experience:

  • Peer-led panels focused on strategic insights and lessons learned
  • Keynotes from industry thought leaders
  • Hands-on educational opportunities with Aurea technology
  • Advanced look at our roadmap and latest innovations


New Orleans | December 4-5

Astor Crowne Plaza New Orleans

Featured Speakers

Patty McCord

Patty McCord

Workplace Innovator, Culture and Leadership Consultant and Former Chief Talent Officer


Patty McCord

Workplace Innovator, Culture and Leadership Consultant and Former Chief Talent Officer, Netflix

Patty McCord coaches and advises a small group of companies and entrepreneurs on culture and leadership as the Principal of Patty McCord Consulting.

She has many years of working with business leaders and aspiring management to help people realize and practice leadership. She is an innovative businessperson who is willing to push the boundaries of thinking about the way we work.

McCord served as chief talent officer of Netflix for 12 years. Along with input from the Netflix management team, she helped to create the Netflix Culture Deck. When it was posted on the web, this presentation took on a life of its own. Sheryl Sandberg has said it “may be the most important document ever to come out of Silicon Valley.” The presentation
has been viewed more than five million times.

McCord was in charge of operationalizing those concepts. This involved creating or sometimes eliminating patterns,
systems and structure so that the words and aspirations of the culture document became behaviors ad modes of operating.

McCord participated in the Initial Public Offering (IPO) with Netflix and before that with Pure Atria Software. She has worked with small start-ups and very large companies. She is a veteran of Sun Microsystems, Borland and Seagate Technologies. Her background includes staffing, diversity, communications and international Human Resources positions.

Patty’s new book “Powerful. Teams, Leaders and the Culture of Freedom and Responsibility” will change how you think about work and the way a business should be run.