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Aurea Enterprise

Technology transformation and innovation unleashed.

Invest in your future

Aurea Enterprise Editions swiftly and strategically modernize the software you already use, while creating a forward-looking business foundation for decades to come.

Redesigned for performance

Aurea Enterprise Editions have been fundamentally redesigned to drive up to 10x performance improvements, completely changing the pace and scale at which you are able to interact with our technology.

Re-envisioned for mobility

At Aurea, we are committed to delivering a premiere mobility experience for your workforce. Every Enterprise Edition is designed to deliver a seamless transition between the office, the field, and the home.

Harnessing the power of data-driven

Your data is one of your biggest assets. That’s why every Enterprise Edition seeks to unleash the power of all of your data with real-time analytics and big data insights to make your business smarter.

Delivering a superior UI and UX

We are making sweeping and simplifying updates to user experience, so every product is easier and more intuitive to use. Aurea places a premium on user experience. We are laser-focused on making our solutions look, feel, and perform great.

Scale and flexibility in the cloud

Aurea Enterprise Editions embrace the flexibility, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness of the cloud. At every turn, Aurea aims to give our customers the power of choice to deploy solutions in a way that optimizes their business.

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