Is your CRM ready for the mobile revolution?

By 2022, mobile workers will account for 42.5% of the global workforce. Find out if your CRM is ready with our point-of-view paper offering 4 top tips for going mobile.

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A truly mobile CRM closes more deals, faster. How does your CRM stack up? Find out in this free 7-question mobile maturity assessment.

Go beyond the CRM basics — so you can sell more now

Aurea CRM gives you everything you expect from a best-of-breed CRM platform, like a 360-degree view of every customer, integrated campaign management, email marketing, artificial intelligence, team collaboration and powerful mobile solutions. Only Aurea CRM doesn’t stop there. Can your CRM:

  • Automatically find new sales and lead generation opportunities and market development strategies
  • Use powerful data science to identify your most promising prospects, so reps can close deals faster
  • Predict which leads are more likely to make a purchase within a set timeframe

Aurea CRM can. And that’s just the beginning.

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Spend more time with your customers

Your CRM shouldn’t keep you tied to your desk. Aurea’s powerful mobile CRM solution lets reps access customer information, process orders, and manage accounts from anywhere.

Introducing CRM.client

Our latest mobility solution that enables universal CRM mobility anytime, anywhere, on any device, even offline.

Plug-in extensions exclusively available to Aurea CRM customers

Aurea CRM + Jive:
Collaborate to accelerate

Aurea CRM is a best-of-breed customer relationship platform. And Jive Interactive Intranet – from Aurea – is the world’s leading collaboration platform. Together, they’re a one-two punch for your sales force, providing the critical information you need to manage deals and the team collaboration you need to close them.

Aurea CRM + FirstRain:
Get insights that drive action

With FirstRain, Aurea CRM tells sales reps where to spend their time and how — using predictive analytics to identify deal threats, accelerators, and valuable reasons to check in. The result? More opportunities, more customer engagement, and more revenue.

Aurea CRM + Infer:
Win more customers, more often

Want your reps to close bigger deals even faster? With Infer, Aurea CRM identifies the most promising prospects using proven data science — and automatically identifies the channels that deliver the highest quality leads.

Aurea CRM + Campaign Manager: Deeply engage your customer base

Deliver the right messages at the right time with Aurea CRM. It includes unlimited access to our fully integrated, industry-leading email marketing platform— empowering you to easily send targeted emails to your CRM contacts, and see how every email performs from open-to-click-through.

When you buy Aurea CRM, you get all our products

Open up unlimited possibility. With Aurea Unlimited, every Aurea customer now has access to every product in our portfolio. It’s just one way we’re reimagining how enterprise software works — and how you can get far more business value from your CRM budget.

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