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Aurea Welcomes Bonzai and Skyvera Customers

I am pleased to announce that Aurea will be adding Bonzai and Skyvera Social to the Aurea portfolio, coupling them with Jive to expand our suite of collaboration products.

We believe the addition of these two products will benefit Jive, Bonzai, and Skyvera customers, and also advance our overall mission to reinvent enterprise collaboration.

As our Jive customers are aware, we have been hard at work in transforming Jive from an “interactive intranet” to something much more. We live in a world with an explosion of collaboration tools, the impact of which has been to increase the volume of communication and content by 1600% (Source: IDC – content is doubling every two years) over the last decade. The dark side of this content explosion, unfortunately, has often been a complete inversion of the signal to noise ratio – lots of chatter, but less meaning.

Digital Crowding

And the consequence of this is that the productivity promise of many collaboration applications has been eviscerated. 90% of the communication that happens in group collaboration applications like Slack are between people that already know each other and were already communicating; the explosion of content means people are spending nearly twice as much time now than they were a decade ago (Source: IDC – Time searching moved from 16% up to 30% in last decade) – simply trying to find the right people or information they need to get their work done. The productivity impact of the collaboration revolution hasn’t materialized for most organizations. In fact, in many ways, things have gone backwards.

We believe the enterprise hub (nee “intranet”) of the future will be one that focuses on marshalling, connecting, and focusing the collective talents (people) of large, globally distributed enterprises. And this means not just providing another way for them to communicate with each other – there are literally dozens of tools that do that – but instead making it dramatically easier to find, understand, and more effectively work with each other – thus reducing the work of doing work rather than increasing it. And most importantly, improving the quality and value of their work.

Here are some of the ways our new enterprise hub of the future will deliver on this promise:

  • It will enable people to discover others in the organization that have key relationships, needed skills, or valuable experience.
  • It will enable people to find their path through the crowded proliferation of inboxes, notifications and feeds to the most relevant tasks.
  • It will enable people to filter content based on interest, work relevance, or the credibility of the content creators.
  • It will provide people with the ability to visualize and cultivate their professional and cultural network within the company.
  • And lastly, it will provide managers and leaders deep, strategic insight into the work going on in the company and the overall organizational health on dimensions ranging from level of engagement to identifying the key “cultural leaders” and connectors.

Said simply, it moves the corporate hub from being just another source of content to a source of connection, content and people discovery, and organizational insight.

The key to all of this is a new technology we have been building since mid-2018 called PeopleGraph, a graph database technology that aggregates people data from every major source of collaborative work in the company – Microsoft, Google, Slack, and of course Jive. PeopleGraph will be the single richest source of insight about an organization’s most important asset – its people.

And this brings us to the addition of Bonzai and Skyvera Social. Bonzai is an interactive intranet like Jive that is built on SharePoint, while Skyvera Social is a set of rich, SharePoint-based collaboration tools that add social capabilities such as finding expertise, crafting ideas, sharing knowledge and recognizing employees in a manner familiar to social media users.

The combination does a few things for us. First, it helps us build tighter bridges with the Microsoft stack – and SharePoint specifically. The Bonzai and Skyvera SharePoint native capabilities can, in combination with what we’re already doing with PeopleGraph and LinkedIn/Office 365, further strengthen and broaden our “better together” approach with Microsoft that will make Jive stronger.

Second, the Skyvera capabilities will be additive to Jive (and Bonzai, for that matter) and bring new value to the certified Extension library we have just released for Jive – adding dozens of new capabilities.

And, finally, for Bonzai and Skyvera customers, our intention is to expand the capabilities of both of these products with PeopleGraph. So Bonzai, as a SharePoint native intranet, will grow and transform in a manner similar to Jive but within the tighter context of SharePoint. And similarly, the Skyvera tools will be enhanced to take advantage of the new data and capabilities enabled by PeopleGraph.

And, of course, these new products and the rest of the Aurea portfolio are available to all customers through their “Netflix of software” Unlimited subscription.

We see this powerful combination as a win for customers of all the products, and we’re excited to continue to invest and expand Aurea’s focus in the collaboration space. For Bonzai and Skyvera customers, we will be hosting a webinar on July 23 to share a bit more about our long-term strategy, talk about near-term impacts, and answer questions. We’ll also be reaching out individually with customers to communicate any immediate changes in your relationship contacts.

On behalf of all of us at Aurea, welcome to the family.