Remote Work Hacks: Build Your Own Online Office

Timothy Davis

Remote work has its upsides — can’t beat the commute — but for many organizations, the sudden transition to a work-from-home environment during the COVID-19 pandemic brought its fair share of difficulties. For leaders and colleagues accustomed to walking the halls of a physical office, it can be tough to adjust to a virtual workplace. It just doesn’t feel the same to be separated from co-workers, physically and psychologically on your own. 

The good news: there are ways to connect, even when we’re apart. Sococo enables teams to create a remote environment and culture that feels as familiar as your office. 

Watch the video below for a detailed demo of a Sococo online office. You’ll see how Sococo lets you:

  • Choose from a large library of virtual office floor plans, or build your own to mimic your actual physical office space.
  • Give every team member their own virtual office, so everyone has a place to go in the same “building” every morning, regardless of real-life location.
  • “Walk the hall” to view the status of team members. See an employee’s availability status, pop into their “office” for an impromptu chat, or join colleagues in a virtual conference room. 
  • Use conference rooms for internal meetings within Sococo or invite external participants through seamless integration with Zoom, Google Hangouts, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Simulate how people work in a physical space in a remote work environment so your team can communicate and connect more easily and efficiently.

For a deeper dive into Sococo’s remote work capabilities, check out this video on Sococo Action Rooms. 

Action Rooms are persistent virtual spaces for dedicated groups of people, similar to physical rooms set up for ongoing work on a particular project. These “war rooms” let team members collaborate in real-time with virtual whiteboards, document sharing, and more. Sococo integrates with applications like Jive so it’s easy to access and share content from across your technology stack, and an unlimited number of Action Rooms means that every project gets its own virtual home base. 

Watch the video below to see how Sococo can replace and outperform tools like Zoom and WebEx for internal meetings by providing truly interactive virtual rooms — not just a video conference. This can be a great way to take out costs and get more value from your Aurea subscription.

Try Sococo with your team – set up a free trial and invite your coworkers to join.

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