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Over half of Aurea customers choose Platinum Support. Should you?

Viorel Curic

Every Aurea subscription includes complimentary Standard Support, and some customers will never need more than that. If your operations never require after-hours assistance or urgent response times, Standard Support may be perfect for you.

But many major enterprises today can’t afford downtime at all. The nature of their relationship with their customers won’t allow it. This was true before the pandemic, and it’s even more true now: as more employees work from home (and customers grow more dependent on the products and services they trust), reliability is essential.

Today, more than half of Aurea subscribers have upgraded to Platinum Support. And over 98 percent of Platinum customers opt into Platinum again at renewal time.

Why? We asked our customers, and the general consensus is this:
Platinum customers say they get value from day one. Customers who may have been worried about not getting enough value for the price have found the opposite to be true: they’re realizing major benefits from day one. In other words, Platinum isn’t an “extended warranty” you may never use, or a suite of benefits that look good on paper but aren’t useful in practice.

Instead, Platinum Support is a very intentional bundle of exactly the services the world’s most demanding enterprises need and use regularly to put their customers first, mitigate risk, and protect their investment.

You can see all the benefits on our website, but here’s a quick overview of what Platinum includes: 

  • 24x7x365, around-the-clock support – As a Platinum customer, you can contact our support engineers anytime, day or night.
  • A dedicated Platinum Support hotline – You can still use our online support portal as well, but Platinum customers benefit from a dedicated phone hotline exclusively for your urgent issues. 
  • Faster response times for critical issues – For your most urgent cases, we respond in 60 minutes or less. Across the board, you get far faster SLAs in Platinum.
  • Priority issue resolution – As a Platinum Support customer, your issues skip to the front of the line.
  • Platinum Support across ALL your Aurea products – This one is huge, particularly as more Aurea subscribers adopt new products through Aurea Unlimited. When you upgrade to Aurea Platinum Support, you pay just once — but your Platinum benefits extend to any additional Aurea products you use now or adopt in the future from our Unlimited Library
  • One year of extended maintenance – For hosted or on premise customers running older versions of Aurea products, this allows you to still receive maintenance for critical issues, so you have more time to upgrade to the latest version. 

This year, we’ve also enhanced Platinum Support with a few exclusive add-ons you can choose from. Our most popular is adding a Customer Success Manager, or CSM. A CSM is a dedicated Aurea expert that helps you accelerate the resolution of any issues you encounter with your Aurea products. It’s like concierge-level support: your dedicated CSM can do everything from handle escalations faster to providing you with quarterly or even bi-weekly check-in calls.

Finally, Platinum customers can also opt to purchase up to two additional years of extended maintenance. This is perfect if you intend to upgrade to a newer version of your Aurea products, but need more time to plan or budget for the upgrade. 

Take a few moments to compare Standard vs. Platinum support and decide which support tier is right for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Executive

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