Introducing Worx: Meet your new Aurea customer community

Michelle Gantt

At Aurea, we believe that a great customer experience includes being able to find the information you need quickly and easily. That’s why we’re introducing some exciting changes to aurea.com and on our customer community, AureaWorks

Very soon, you’ll see a new, more customer-focused experience on Aurea.com. This will include an updated product library with more information about our products, both as stand-alone offerings and how they integrate with each other. AureaWorks will see even more dramatic changes — so dramatic, in fact, that we’ve given it a new name. 

On October 12, AureaWorks will relaunch as Worx, a fully redesigned community hub built to help your team manage your Aurea software more efficiently. Worx will offer a one-stop-shop experience that’s centralized, relevant, and personal. If you’re familiar with AureaWorks, we hope you’ll be delighted with the new personalized home page and fresh look and feel. If you’ve never visited our customer community before, we can’t wait to show you all of the helpful resources and connections available at your fingertips. 

What’s new in Worx

The biggest difference between the existing AureaWorks community and your new Worx hub is personalization. We worked hard to create a useful and relevant experience based on who you are. In Worx, it will be fast and easy to find the information (and people!) you need to do your job most effectively. 

For example, project and IT leaders will see announcements of new releases, new functionality, release notes, and other product-related information specific to the products they own and manage. Executive sponsors can expect to see news items related to Aurea’s vision and strategy as well as invitations to leadership events. 

All of these items will be surfaced on your new personalized home page. Your home page will display the content that is most relevant to you, based on the products you own and your role in the organization. From the global navigation to the WorxPanel (more on that below) to your news and updates and a tile with details on your account team, the entire page works for you. 

You can further impact what appears in your dynamic news stream by following the topics that you’re interested in. If you’re interested in how ACRM works from a technical perspective, for instance, you could follow the ACRM hub for the latest product updates. 

The WorxPanel is a powerful new feature that we’re excited to launch with Worx. It is your community control panel, where you can easily customize your home page with your preferred content and topics. The WorxPanel allows you to choose from a set of modules to surface the links and information you care about most right on your home page. 

Worx will also be more centralized. As an Aurea customer, you are likely familiar with visiting several different sites to get your work done: your support portal, knowledgebase, customer community, Jive inbox, etc. Worx will streamline your Aurea web experience, making it more consistent and less confusing by helping you get where you need to go, quickly and seamlessly. Some customers will be able to connect with their account team more easily with a private collaboration area and easy access to the account team’s contact details from the home page. That means you can find key documents from your Account Executive without searching through emails!

As your personal hub for all things Aurea, Worx will add a valuable layer of collaboration and convenience to your subscription. Feel free to chime in with questions about the Worx launch and updated Aurea web experience in the comments below, and watch your inbox for more announcements and details. 

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