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Introducing Solution Groups

Scott Brighton

One of the most important parts of helping customers maximize value from their ‘Netflix of Software’ subscription is providing recommendations on complementary products that will add incremental value. In fact, I’ve come to count on the recommendations from Netflix, Spotify, and others. Many times, they’re recommending content I wasn’t aware of, but thoroughly enjoy.

With the Aurea library, we’re focused on providing a similar experience. To do this effectively, it begins with a better organization of our growing product library into four “Solution Groups” of related products that can work together to deliver more value. Aurea will provide two dimensions of innovation for customers – the traditional innovation dimension of a single product roadmap, and the additional innovation of bringing related products together that add more capabilities and features as an integrated solution. The latter is the role played by Solution Groups.

We are reorganizing our company around Solution Groups and starting by naming General Managers responsible for each one. The job of the general manager is to help customers understand the broader value of the Solution Group, and also help customers visualize how they can expand the value of their current product by adding a series of complementary products from within that Solution Group.

We are starting with four Solution Groups:

  • Intelligent Commerce. A suite of products that enable organizations to effectively acquire, retain, and service customers using differentiated market, competitive, & customer insights. Example products in this Solution Group include Aurea CRM, FirstRain Market Intelligence, and Infer Lead Scoring.
  • Future of Work. Products designed to support effective enterprise-scale work and collaboration for the globally distributed and increasingly remote employee base of the future. Example products within this Solution Group include Jive Enterprise Work Platform, Bonzai Sharepoint Intranet, and PeopleGraph Organizational Insights.
  • Industry Transformation. Core products, in select vertical markets, built to revolutionize the critical business processes that are at the heart of these industries. Example industry solutions within this Solution Group include Insurance Distribution Management, Life Sciences Trial Management, and Energy Billing.
  • IT Simplification. A suite of technologies designed to automate and simplify the work associated with developing, integrating, and supporting complex enterprise IT environments. Example products include the Aurea Integration Hub and the ScaleArc Public Cloud Database Migration toolset.

Our ambition in each is to establish a clear and exciting ten-year vision with customers, and then iteratively work to realize that vision by (1) continuing to enhance the individual products within each Solution Group and (2) building and acquiring new products that help realize the the broader Solution Group vision.

As part of this change, I’m pleased to announce our first two Solution Area General Managers. Mark Lukianchuk will assume responsibility for Intelligent Commerce and Ranga Venkatesan will lead Industry Transformation. Customers of products within these respective Solution Groups will be hearing from both Mark and Ranga shortly, and we expect to appoint General Managers for the remaining Solution Groups in the first half of the year.

Look for more information on the long-term vision for each category and the products that constitute each in the weeks ahead.

We are excited and confident that this change will drive further value for customers by aligning your needs with a clear path to value under your ‘Netflix of Software’ subscription.

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