Engage Remote Workers with a Virtual Office Webinar Follow-up

Taylor Sterling

Thank you to all of our customers who attended last weeks webinar: Engage Remote Workers with a Virtual Office. We had a great turn out and an engaging demonstration packed into an hour.  We collected some great questions from the audience that we have documented here.

In the webinar, we take you through an interactive virtual tour, and explain how to get started with a virtual office space using Sococo as part of your Aurea Unlimited subscription benefits. You can watch the webinar recording here.

If you have additional questions you can ask them here and we will get back to you with the answers.

Q. How can I try out Sococo to see if it will work in my organization?

A. Sococo offers a free trial and it’s very quick to set up, invite your team, and get started. The Sococo Team of dedicated product experts will provide tips on how to take your online office to the next level and are available to answer your product questions during the trial.

Q. What are the different content types and communication tools that integrate with Sococo?

A. Sococo works with many communication tools including

  • Zoom Meetings
  • Google Hangouts
  • Webex Meetings
  • Microsoft Teams

Q. What is the time frame for the Sococo integrated tile in Jive? Looks very good!

A. We are testing it right now with a few early adopters.  We anticipate general availability, by the end of this year.  Please contact your Account Manager if you would like to participate in our early adopter Labs.

Q. Is the Sococo client only available for windows OS?

A. It is available as a client on Windows and Mac.  It is also available as a web application for browsers (Chrome recommended).

Q. Is there SSO/LDAP set up and linking to Jive profiles/accounts that exist already? Or do people have new profiles in Sococo?

A. Yes, there is an SSO between Jive and Sococo so that your identity is the same in both systems and you don’t have to log in multiple times.

Q. How do you create a room map?

A. Every department, every organization, every team can have their own floor.  We have hundreds of different space layouts already pre built. If you wanted to leverage different maps for different spaces, whether they’re large or small, we have them.  If you want to create your own custom floor that mimics your physical space,  that’s something we would work on together.  It involves creating the floor map in SVG, and then we upload it into the system where you’re able to utilize that map inside of a Sococo as an option for a space.

Q. Can you “overrule” individual video conversations in a virtual office and make everyone follow one keynote that is ongoing in the middle of the office, like a stage?

A. Sococo is designed to work just as a physical office would operate, with many of the same social norms. A meeting in a Sococo conference room would mimic a real life conference room where each participant would be able to speak to any and all other participants. Just like IRL, sometimes the participant conversations will occur during the meeting speaker’s presentation. If a team or organization wanted to conduct an all-hands or large gathering, then we recommend using a webinar format from one of the integrated services (e.g. Zoom or WebEx). Your team would still go to the virtual conf room in Sococo and then click a button to join the webinar.

Q. Are there any mobile apps planned?

A. There are no mobile apps planned for Sococo as the map metaphor isn’t suited to small screens. However, the Action Rooms we demonstrated are available as mobile Jive spaces (Jive Daily or Jive Responsive). This enables access to shared resources in a virtual room. Further, the Sococo chat feature integrates with Slack to enable conversations within Sococo and Slack clients (mobile or desktop).

Thank you to everyone that submitted a question.  To learn more about Sococo sign up for a free trial.

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